Monday, March 24, 2014

7 Wants

Oh, the wonder of these challenges. This one is simple enough, I suppose...just seven things that I want. 

1. I want good news at my next doctor's appointment. I'm a worrier by nature and even when every indication is that things will be just fine, I still worry. Because that's part of the wonder that is me. It is super fantastic.

2. I want to repaint everything in my house. Yep. All of it. At some point in the fairly near future, you can expect me to make myself exceeding scarce around here because I will be knee deep in brushes and swatches and drop cloths. But I will be happy. SO happy. I love painting, and it's time.

3. I want to throw things away, donate things, clean out and purge. I really, really, really detest clutter. I live with packrats. This is not a good combination. We have a very legitimate reason for getting rid of all that is unnecessary though, and I'm taking full advantage.

4. I want things to stay clean for more than 4.7 seconds. Pipe dream, I know. I have a house full of people. I'm not kidding myself.

5. I want, at some point this summer, to sit beside a pool somewhere alone for a few hours with a book. I don't want to have to worry about any kids for just a little while. Just a little while.

6. I want my appliances to stop conspiring against me. We've reached the point where everything in our house needs replaced and is beat to hell. Things are, quite literally, falling apart, as in the door to the oven comes apart every time I need to use it right now. I ask that they spread out a little, give us time to replace them one at a time. That'd be great.

7. I want Daryl to come to my house and save me in the case of the zombie apocalypse. No, really. I'm being totally serious.

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  1. I've been following your blog for a while and this one is just so perfectly aligned with what I want! Our refrigerator has been broken for a month and the guy is finally here now fixing it! I'm so sick of having to keep our things outside in the snow. Frozen cream cheese sucks. And lying by a pool with a book, with no kids?? Heaven. AND not worrying.....I think our lists would look almost exactly the same:))


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