Tuesday, March 25, 2014

6 Places

I like this one. :)

1. The beach. Any beach. Quite literally, any beach. I am a water person. I am an ocean person. It calls my name, it draws me in, it soothes my soul. I really have no business living over 1,000 miles from it.

2. The duck pond in the park in the city I grew up in. It has always been home for me, this place. Every time we go back, we take our children there. It was one of the first places I remembered spending time with my family as a child, full of happy memories, and it remains something that I want to share with my kids for as long as I can.

3. Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park. It took me a long time to consider this place where I live now home, but it finally happened. The outline of the mountain peaks is as familiar now to me as the horizon over the ocean once was. My favorite place in RMNP (so far anyway), is on the back side of Sprague Lake, just in the right spot, where this is the view. Amazing. The fact that it's only an hour from my house, even better.

4. My front porch. I may despise my neighbor, but I love my front porch anyway. My father in law built Adirondack chairs and during the warm days ahead, I will be out there with a book as often as I can swing it. It is my happy place.

5. Anywhere these people are.

6. Along the rivers and lakes around town. I told you I am a water person. The floods last year broke my heart because they caused so much damage and destruction to these places that I love. I have hope that someday soon, they might look this way again.

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