Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Foods

Ahhhh, food. Right now it is my friend and foe. My ally and my arch nemesis. Even more than normal.

1. Guacamole. For the love. I have an unnatural obsession with guacamole. Only freshly made will do, and the idea of packaged guac makes me cringe and twitch. I read this week that Chipotle may have to cut guacamole from their menu because climate change is affecting the avocado crop. This is a goddamn emergency, you guys.

2. Dark chocolate. There is a reason I don't buy the stuff. Some crazy lunatic who looks like she could be my evil twin would eat it all.

3. Tomatoes. The homegrown ugly ones are always the best. It is almost time to start growing for the year, and I can hardly wait. We had a constant supply of tomatoes last summer and I am so excited to have them in my own yard again.

4. Sharp cheddar cheese. The older I get, the more refined my taste gets. I want a cheese that tastes like cheese, that makes me say wow. I could totally be a cheese snob, but the fact that I live with four bottomless pits makes that a challenge. Tillamook is the brand my dairy delivers. To my house. To my house. You guys.

5. Siggi's Vanilla Firmjolk. This is my current favorite probiotic drinkable yogurt. I started drinking kefir and other incarnations of these dairy products a few years ago when I had pneumonia and needed to counter the effects of huge doses of antibiotics. I hated them for the longest time, and now they are just a part of me. I've fallen in love with this brand's vanilla flavor. Same calories and carb count as ordinary milk,

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