Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Nerdsday - Cards Against Humanity

I'm taking a much needed break from the ranting and the frustration today to tell you about my most favorite inappropriate party game.

When I say it is inappropriate, I'm understating. Vastly.

For real.

I was waiting to write about this one because they just overhauled their entire distribution system. You used to be able to pick it up at game stores, but it is now an Amazon exclusive. Once it all got figured out, the price dropped back to where it should be. For a while, people were charging over $60 for this little black box of cards.

Four things.

1. Still would have been worth it at $60.
2. It's $25 now, which is way better.
3. I was already Amazon's bitch, so this works for me.
4. You can make your own version on their website for free.

This is it. Well, the original version, anyway.

The tagline on the box reads "A party game for horrible people". It's true. Lord, is it true. If you don't start out the game being a horrible person, you will become one quickly.

There are rules, though at some point no one will pay attention to them anymore at all because your ribs will be hurting from laughing so damn hard. You will feel great shame for laughing at the things you laugh at.

Here's how you play. You need at least three people to play. Pee first and pee often. Having adult beverages handy helps lighten the mood quickly. This is not a game for children. Or prudes. I'm totally not kidding on that last one. 

There are white cards and black cards. The black cards contain the first half of the sentence or the question, the white cards contain possible options for the second half of the sentence or the answer. They are all wildly inappropriate.

To begin, each player draws 10 white cards.

One player reads the black card. Then every remaining player chooses one white card from their hand to submit for judging. You want the most outlandish, most inappropriate, most hilarious combination of cards. The reader of the black card takes the submissions and randomly reads them aloud to the entire crowd, then deems one card the most hilariously awful and therefore the winner. That person gets the black card, then the next player reads a black card and so on. Always keep your white card hand size at 10.

Whenever you decide you're done playing or everyone in the room has peed their pants, the player with the most black cards wins, not that anyone cares.

Everyone wins with this one. It is that funny.

Here is an example of a black card with submitted white cards. This one is mild.

From The Game Aisle's review
I'd have to go with the bleached asshole on this one, but that's just me.

The more people you have playing and the greater the amount of time spent hyperventilating, the longer the game will take. No one will mind. You will cry actual tears at some point and your abs will be sore the next day.

This isn't a game for the faint of heart or those with weak bladders.

It is, however, amazing.


  1. Oh....according to how I laughed at that sample, I *NEED* tnis game!

  2. I just found out that one of my friends has this. WE WILL PLAY!

  3. Have this game and LOVE it - many nights of uncontrollable laughter in our house!

  4. It's just like Apples To Apples!


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