Monday, January 6, 2014

MiA Bath & Body ~ Customized Pampering for You

A while back now, I got a message from a dear friend of mine. She wanted to know what my favorite scents were. I asked her why. She demanded answers. Fine, I said.

Turns out that she is now a consultant for MiA Bath & Body and had something up her sleeve.

She listened carefully to the things I said, took all her other knowledge about what I like and dislike and mixed up some custom lotion for me. It has mango, sparkling mojito and coconut scents all blended together perfectly and it smells just like my fantasy beach somewhere with a cabana and umbrella drinks. She even named this combination Wonder Woman in my honor!

Seriously, how rad is that?

I will admit that I was skeptical, with all the delicious smells mingling together, that I was sure that I'd be allergic to it. I am, you see, allergic to everything and I'm always nervous trying new products for that reason.

This? Perfect. No reactions at all.

And it smells like paradise.

MiA is a a full line of spa-grade home and personal use products inspired by nature and customized for each customer according to their own scent recipe. They focus on quality, purity and individuality. All products are SLS and paraben free. Every product comes with custom labels and a complete list of ingredients.

There are seven different colors you can request to be added to your recipe, as well a shimmer for extra special occasions.

MiA is a fairly new company and is also looking to recruit new consultants. Please contact Michelle directly for information if you are interested on getting in with this fantastic opportunity early on. There are less than 500 consultants nationwide right now, this could be a great start to a home based business! You can find her on her Facebook page or Website.

If you need a nudge to order, she is running a special right now. Mention the code WWHive and you will get 10% off your order. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

You'll love it and it would make a fabulous gift for someone else!

Michelle sent me a bottle of lotion for free, but didn't ask me to do a review. I'm just doing it because it's just that good.

Happy shopping!

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