Tuesday, January 28, 2014

30 Days of Quotes About Whatever ~ Day 28 ~ Norman Reedus

Day 28 ~

"Damaged people gravitate towards damaged people."

~ Norman Reedus

This series is almost over. I am so conflicted about it, for a few reasons. First of all, I love quotes. I love learning more about the people who say the words that become famous. I love interpreting things. It's what I do. Some of you out there reading have adored this series. We lost everyone else along the way though, and I can't honestly tell if it's just adjusting to Facebook's latest "improvement" that drops my reach, if most of my fans are turned off by this series, or if I'm just getting boring in my old age.

I can't tell.

Do you know who Norman Reedus is? He's best known for his role as Daryl, the guy that I want right next to me during the zombie apocalypse.

This guy.

Swoon. In real life, before he was the crossbow wielding badass, he was a model and artist. He has built Harleys and exhibited his art all over the world. I was trying to think of a way to wrap up this series that was interesting to me at least, and since he is very near the top of my list, I looked for quotes from him.

Then I found this and I decided that he should just move in with me.

Because this.

Damaged people gravitate towards damaged people.

Do they ever.

I have this theory. And forgive me in advance because this theory is totally going to make me sound like an asshole to anyone who doesn't understand where I am coming from...

It's this.

Perspective is everything, and the only way to really have it is to live through enough terrible life experiences. Get through on the other side, after you've survived and re-evaluated and reorganized and reassessed. Once you've seen what you are made of, what other people are made of, once you've been totally honest about your flaws and embraced them, then you can actually begin to understand what the point of all of this is.

Until then, you're just chugging along doing what you think you are supposed to, reaching for things you think you want, valuing what you think is important. Even if it's all bullshit.

Necessarily, to have all that vital life experience, you have to have been through a lot.

Those experiences don't just bring knowledge and wisdom, they bring baggage too.

I have a matched set.

With a steamer trunk.

Am I a damaged person? Some people would certainly think so. There are times that I wonder if I'm broken myself. Sometimes I am, if I am being completely honest.

The people who get me, the people who understand me the best, the people who I can tell things to, the people I can trust to be there for me without judging me or placating me or handing out irrelevant advice....they've been there too.

Does that mean we're all complete train wrecks?


Stop staring, already.

Then again, we've all got issues. Live long enough and there's bound to be something fundamentally screwed up about you. It's how you cope with it that matters.

I prefer to cope using zombie apocalypse shows.


  1. "Then again, we've all got issues. Live long enough and there's bound to be something fundamentally screwed up about you. It's how you cope with it that matters." That says it all!

  2. If I had a blog, and blogged a series of quotes - you would sooooo be quoted!!


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