Saturday, January 25, 2014

30 Days of Quotes About Whatever ~ Day 25 ~ Ironman

Day 25~

We create our own demons.

~ Tony Stark, aka Ironman, Ironman 3

Hi. My name is Kelly, and I'm a little bit obsessed with Ironman.

Okay, so more than a little bit. 

Tony Stark is his real name, you know...genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. That guy. If you haven't watched the Avengers movies or the Ironman ones, go. I'll wait.

No, really.

I love Ironman for many reasons, and have confessed my love of him on several prior occasions. When the most recent installment in the Ironman saga came out last year, though, my heart grew three sizes.

Tony Stark had to confront the fact that he has anxiety issues. 

This quote is as much about his enemies that he fights in the action scenes as it is about the ones in his head. If you haven't already seen IM3 and failed to listen to me up ^^^ there, I'm going to spoil some of the plot for you. 

Aldrich Killian is the bad guy in this one, though for a while you are led to believe the Mandarin is. Anyhow, back when Killian was a young scientist, he approached Stark with an idea. Tony was too busy with his playboyness to be bothered and brushed Killian off, who obviously was pissed and spent years figuring out how to best get revenge.

All this goes on at the same time that Stark begins to realize how disabling his anxiety problems have become.

Essentially, the villains of the movie are two-fold. The physical ones he has to contend with and the ones inside his own head, both of which exist because of things he did or said in the past.


I am Ironman.

Not really, but kinda.

Now that you have a lengthy explanation of the quote and know most of the essential information about Tony Stark, look at this for a minute.


Like I needed another damn reason to love Ironman. 

I guess I should talk about the quote, huh?

This one. Just yes. So much yes. As a person who over analyzes everything, who over thinks, who runs constant dialogues in her head and probably makes it all worse, yes. As a person who lives with anxiety all the freaking time, yes. As a person who has a brain completely screwed up by ptsd, yes. 

Are some of my demons external ones? Sure. 

But you know what I do that makes it all ten bajillion times worse????

I let it get into my head. And then it multiplies. 

Tony Stark. 

He's my soul mate, you guys. 

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