Thursday, January 16, 2014

30 Days of Quotes About Life ~ Day 16 ~ Woody Allen

Day 16~

“I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.” 

Woody Allen


I skipped the quote that is really the 16th most popular one about life because it was yet another by Dr. Seuss and I've had just about enough of him.

So, logically, this means that Woody Allen is next.

***bangs head on wall***

Woody. I suppose if we're talking about his contributions to the world and all, this is as good a week as any since he was given the Cecil B. DeMille award this week at the Golden Globes. You know, the lifetime achievement award of which only one is given out a year. The award that he couldn't even be bothered with accepting in person, instead spending the evening at the theater in New York.

I guess, if you like his stuff, he's an icon in the industry. I've never really liked his movies, and people I know either love his work or hate it and there really isn't anything in the middle. Maybe it's everything else icky about him that skews my opinions, though. The allegations of molestation and the whole falling in love with the girl who was basically his step daughter thing just put a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, not a fan.

Still, we have to deal with this quote.

Only because of the person who said it, I'll be working off the assumption that it's a joke and that this is his most famous attempt at a witty observation about life, done in his style, clearly contradictory, somewhat obnoxious.

It is, after all, impossible to die without being there for it. Technically, anyway.

I have to assume he was just being funny. But not like funny haha. (or at least to me it isn't, but maybe that's what happens when you actually watch someone die)

Anyway. I could talk about the quote and how it might actually be true in some ways because most people who die of slower illnesses become comatose before death, so their level of awareness of what is happening may be suppressed. I could, but since no one really knows what happens to the brain and what people can perceive in the moments just prior to death (and possibly after, for however long there is brain activity), not to mention the debate about an afterlife, I won't.


I feel dirty now and need a shower.


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