Monday, December 9, 2013

30 Days of Truth, Day 24 ~ Make A Playlist for Someone and Explain Why You Chose All The Songs

The first time I did this all those years ago now, I wrote up a playlist for a dear friend that I have known for many years. 

I'd still so totally send her that playlist.

Day 24 ~ Make a playlist for someone and explain why you chose all the songs

I thought for a while that this was going to be one of the easier days in the challenge, and then no.

I've made playlists for this person before, but all that was before everything changed. He's different now, I am different. There's really no other way to describe it.

Stay married long enough, and the person you are married to now won't much resemble the one you married all those years back, no matter what happens in the meantime.

The playlist for my husband, from where I stand in 2013.

The song we danced to when we got married, still true now even if it stings a bit.

When I'm pissed.

When I want to throw stuff.

The one when I realized this wasn't on me anymore...and that it never was.

This damn song. You tore a hole in me. The one I can't repair. But I still love you, I don't really care.

The song from the album that made me love Katy Perry.

When the going got ugly....and did it ever.

Then there was this, when it all started to get better.

And finally, the song that I'm convinced P!nk wrote for us. Real. Truth.

It's been hell, but we're still here. We've defied odds before, we're still doing it now. It's kind of our thing, I guess.

Love you.

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