Monday, December 2, 2013

30 Days of Truth, Day 18 ~ Your Views on Gay Marriage

This is one of the answers that just hasn't changed all that much in the last three years. Back then I wrote about how I was totally, unabashedly, absolutely in favor of it.

Day 18 ~ Your views on gay marriage

For as long as I have had friends, I have had gay friends...and yes, I'm talking even in very early childhood.

I believe in fairness and equality.

I believe that anything short of marriage rights fully recognized by all states in the nation isn't enough, civil unions aren't enough, marriages recognized only by some states isn't enough.

Give it all to them. The whole thing.

Since the last time I wrote on this particular prompt in the challenge, I've watched several hetero marriages fall apart. I've struggled in my own marriage.

Marriage isn't easy, but it carries tremendous benefits with it, in countless areas of life, from taxes to insurance to hospital visitation and more.

Those benefits shouldn't just be extended to the dysfunctional heteros like me.

If you want to read more about my opinions on the subject, there are plenty of posts out there, most of which were written in the last three years.

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