Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 Days of Truth, Day 17 ~ A Book That Has Changed Your Views on Something

This was one of the hardest prompts for me to write about last time because I wrote about the book that forced me to admit that I had been suffering from postpartum depression one night many years ago.

That book very much changed my life, and in more than one way, saved it.

Day 17 ~ A book that has changed your views on something

This time, I wanted to share a book that opened my eyes and helped me to understand my daughter more. At the urging of a friend who mothers a boy very much like my girl, I read it skeptically. I'd read so many other books that just didn't seem to ever make sense, written by people who had clearly never had to deal with parenting a child like her.

Then I read this one, and suddenly I found myself nodding along, tearing up, realizing that it wasn't just her. Things started to make sense.

It's The Out-Of-Sync Child, and focuses on sensory processing disorder.

A sensitive child at birth, she rapidly developed colic. She was always hesitant about new people, new situations. Even the things that should have been predictable and comfortable often weren't.

There was more, so much more, and it wasn't really until I read this book that I put all the pieces together. She's outgrown many of her quirks, she's learned to manage the rest of them fairly well. I still don't always know what makes her tick, but I'm better equipped to try and figure it out now.

She fascinates me.

I think she always will.

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