Monday, October 7, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the two fat thighs edition

Call a vote, or I'll call you a Boner
There is no shortage of things to be pissed off about right now, particularly if your life happens to be impacted by the still very-shut-down government. If this goes on much longer, it's going to screw with everyone somehow.

Anyone else find it terribly ironic that just weeks ago the far-right was criticizing President Obama for negotiating a peaceful turnover of chemical weapons because it would "make us look bad to the rest of the world", but shutting the entire government down over an already challenged and upheld law about health care somehow is not making us look like total fucking idiots worldwide???

Riddle me that, Boehner.

Also, I'm totally pronouncing your name wrong until this is over.


Say it with me.

The votes are there to fund the government, but you won't call a vote, so you get to be Boner for now.

Boner, Boner, Boner.

I'll say it correctly when everything is back up and running again. Deal?

This one falls into the category of things that I immediately fact checked because the part of my brain that wants to believe that people are inherently not assholes made me do it.

Unfortunately, it's true.

After the results of the last election where the general assault on women didn't pan out so well for the Republicans, you would think we'd be seeing a kinder, more gentle GOP. The kind that actually wants women to believe that they are wholly welcome, equal members of the party.

But then no.

These buttons were floating around the California Republican Convention last weekend.

This is a real thing, people.

I don't care (honestly) which party you belong to. I don't care (honestly) about your ideology or where you line up on the issues. I don't.


Not only is it wholly irrelevant to anything related to her strengths or weaknesses as a potential candidate, it's sexist, it's misogynistic, it's disgusting, it's rude, and it's just flat messed up.

Stop Doing This
One of the things that I have learned forced myself to do in the last few weeks is to avoid all comment sections like the soul-rotting plagues that they are.

You want to see the dark side of humanity, just scroll down a little bit after anything anyone posts online anymore.

While many people deliberately remove themselves from the hatred, the vitriol, the incorrect information, the assumptions, the racism, there are some that freaking thrive on it...and not all of them are the people in the comments.

Some of them, more and more of them, are the page admins and the bloggers who are literally just writing shit to start fights. If you want to encourage intelligent debate, that is one thing...but if you're just out to stir up fights between strangers so you can grab a bowl of popcorn and be entertained, stop acting innocent.

If you add anything that even remotely looks like this:

I don't usually share my opinions on _______, but... are an even bigger jerk.

You ARE sharing your opinions for the sole purpose of starting a fight, so don't act like you aren't.

Sure as shit, don't wait until all hell has broken loose on your page or blog comment section, then wave a white flag in the air and try and make anyone believe that you're just sweet and innocent and you don't want to see people fight.

And really....don't try and make anyone believe that you are open minded when you go around deleting anyone that disagrees with you, particularly when you started the fight in the first place.


Either that, or own your assholery. Wear it like an old concert t-shirt.


  1. Love the post today!

    Politically I am pretty much down the middle and I see the importance of both sides, well really all sides... there isn't only two sides even though it feels like it most of the time. I am a professional artist that grew up in a church/Christian school and I have friends and family on both sides.... some a little to vehemently on one side or the other. And yes there are intense, fanatical, over-doing-it psychos on BOTH sides.

    I wish we could all stop being closed minded and set in stone in our views, especially if you are spouting it not because it is what you believe but because your political affiliation has told you that. I can be guilty of it myself. I know I need to keep up with the news more than I do but it is so damn depressing sometimes, especially right now.

    Again great post!

  2. So, obviously, I want to marry you. :)

    And I'm calling him Boner until the end of times (which isn't far off if I believe Michelle Bachman).

    Love the post.

  3. Boner, Boner, Boner. The 12 year old inside of me that loves juvenile humor is highly amused.

    Also, I love you.


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