Friday, September 6, 2013

Wonder(ful) Women - Diana Nyad, Jeanna Kaye & Anonymous

Welcome to the Wonder(ful) Women series! This is my newest, and most fabulously kickass series yet, because I'm featuring real-life female superheroes every week. My hope is to bring awareness to stories in the news, and make the women I know in real life realize how much they inspire me and everyone around them.

Off we go.

Diana Nyad
What did you do on Labor Day? I'm going to guess that swimming 110 miles wasn't probably what you did...but it's what she did. 

In the open ocean. 

At 62 years old.

While vomiting the entire time.

Diana swan from Cuba to Key West, becoming the first person to complete the trip through shark and jellyfish infested waters without a cage. The journey lasted 53 hours. 

She's only attempted the trip a whole bunch of times in the past and failed. She did it for the first time when she was 28. 34 years ago.

She is strong and powerful and surrounded herself with the most amazing support team, but the most impressive thing about her?

Her sheer determination.

She is an inspiration to anyone out there who sets a seemingly unattainable goal for themselves and 


Jeanna Kaye
We're going to do this quietly, okay?

Jeanna is the voice behind My Children Think I'm Perfect. She's funny and open and a vocal advocate for everything she believes in. She rides motorcycles and makes pickles like a boss. She has an expressive and creative mind and invents things most people could never even envision in their heads.

She makes them real. 

She is real.

She also shaved her head to raise money for children's cancer research earlier this year.

Those two things about her have combined this month, as she is creating, and then auctioning her art and donating the proceeds to Donna's Good Things. Please check out the link and bid. 

Beautiful art from a beautiful person for a beautiful cause.

Thank you, Jeanna. 

Again with the virtual high fives to an anonymous writer who opened a figurative vein and wrote about something deeply personal and painful in the hopes that sharing it with the world would help someone out there who needed to read it.

Earlier this week, an anonymous writer told the world of her experience as the victim of domestic violence. She documented in beautiful simplicity what life is like when you are beaten down, first emotionally and then physically in a cycle that becomes almost impossible to escape.

Escape she did, and now she shares this pain so that others out there reading it will know that they aren't alone, that there are people who understand, that there are victims who got out, that there is hope.

This woman, brave and gifted with her words, expressed a frustration to me last night. This piece has picked up a lot of traffic, and may be her most-read post ever, and she can't take credit for it publicly

I have hope that someday she can stand before the world and put her name with this story. For now, though, she is a hero. A hero who must still remain shielded from the man she spent years being afraid of. 

A hero who saved herself. 

A hero who found her voice.

A hero who may have saved someone else.

Anonymous, thank you for being brave. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for doing what you did. Thank you for trusting me with this. Thank you for sharing.

Love you.

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  1. wonderful

    although Nyad did do her swim when the sharks were on labor Day vacation.

    I'm joking


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