Monday, September 23, 2013

Why I love Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report took home two Emmys last night, for writing in a variety show and best variety show, in what was otherwise largely a boring and unexciting show.

It was also the first time that The Colbert Report beat The Daily Show in those categories.

See Jon??? You can't just leave for a few months, grow a weird beard and think that things won't change.

I have loved both shows since the dawn of civilization, and insist fairly regularly that one or both of them need to hire me as a staff writer. True story.

As much as I love them both, though, The Colbert Report has always held a special place in my cold black heart because of the fact that on top of being a comedy news show (and often more reliable than anything the mainstream media puts out), the entire show is spun with a false political slant. It makes everything the writers do that much harder, and relies on his flawless comedic delivery and timing.

What amazes me after all these years is that there are people who still don't seem to get the fact that Colbert isn't really super conservative, and that the entire show is satirical. I especially laugh when elected representatives are on the show and never figure out that he's totally messing with them.

He's funny and irreverent and topical and has some of the best writers in the comedy world on his staff.

Hire me.


  1. Is that like when people site the onion as their source for information?

  2. Colbert needs to do a serious bid for presidency. He could do so much better than the politicians we see time and again.


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