Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the forced abortion, sledgehammer licking, canceled wedding, planned suicide, mustached edition

There's a lot going on in that there title. Bear with me. There's a lot to cover this week.

Worst Boyfriend Ever
So there was this couple. And they were madly in love, or so the girl thought at least. Then she got pregnant and her boyfriend freaked the fuck out.

p.s. that part happens all.the.time.

What happened next though, doesn't.

She was sick and needed to take antibiotics for an infection. Her loving boyfriend gave her the meds, except he didn't give her the right ones.

He gave her something else. He gave her abortion medication. 

She lost the baby. The doctors at the hospital inspected the medication after she was admitted for abdominal pain and bleeding.

He pled guilty this week and accepted a plea deal that could include as much as 13 years in prison.

Miley, Miley, Miley
I'm starting to really like this chick. Her most recent video is causing all kinds of debate in the online universe, and you people know how much I like a good debate.

The song isn't for children, the video isn't for children, and she's no role model, but she might be a genius, and she's proving one kickass song at a time that she really is a talented musician.

For those of you who don't understand why she is naked or why she is riding a wrecking ball or why she is licking a sledgehammer, I say this. Congratulations.  


You don't understand because you obviously haven't been in that relationship, the one that strips you down to nothing and beats the hell out of you emotionally, that you keep coming back for because you can't live without it.

I'm glad you don't get it.

Instead of focusing on what she is wearing or what she is licking, imagine a world where you get it. Where the song rips your heart out and you end up in tears because it's about you. Imagine that.

Then we'll talk.

Canceled Weddings and Suicide Girls
D.C., I'm pissed.

You don't just work for the fanboys, in case you still haven't figured that out.

You work for us too. The fangirls.

And we are pissed.

Not only did you cancel Batwoman's marriage to her lesbian partner, hiding behind the mantra that heroes can't have happy endings, you actually are running a drawing contest for amateur fans where you want them to draw Harley Quinn planning and executing her own suicide.

What in the actual fuck are you thinking?

I can't even say more about this because I am so fucking disappointed in you.

Did I do that?
I feel like there is this epidemic of assholery, and at the same time this epidemic is hitting, there is this total lack of awareness by the assholes that pictures on the internet get shared and passed around, and eventually everything shitty you do will bite you in the ass.

And yet, this happened.

A woman is suing the hospital and doctors involved in her surgery at Torrance Memorial hospital in California after they put stickers on her face when she was under anesthesia and took pictures.

They gave her a mustache and put tear drops under one eye.

I wish I was kidding.

It's an epidemic, I tell ya.


  1. That is a lot to take in and a lot to be mad at....and a lot to wonder what the hell is happening to people.

  2. Here's why I disagree.

    Every pop star who uses sexuality gets compared to Madonna because Madge wrote the book on things.

    Madonna, as brilliant as she is, cost herself respect for her art by going overtly sexual after Like A Prayer and it lasted until Evita. She made good records, had a lot to say, and it all got lost in those pictures of her licking bullwhips and hitchhiking necked on the side of the road.

    Miley can say and show what she needs without some of this. Everyone's gotten naked/nekkid, everyone's "pushed the envelope".

    We need more Patti Smith or Chrissie Hynde inspired stuff, not this.

    That being typed, that song is a lot better than Party in the USA

  3. Ok, I can agree with you on the other stories but as far as Miley goes..... I am not seeing anything that resembles talent there.

  4. I kinda got weepy listening to Miley's song. In a good way. I keep telling you I live smack in the middle of crazyville - the abortionist boyfriend is guess where - central Florida. And of all the times for DC to run a suicide art contest - suicide prevention week? RUFKM? Wow. I totally think I'm going to actually vow a Marvel allegiance now. I had previously been neutral.

  5. All of this. So much. The DC comic thing is really hitting me in my gut for obvious reasons... Keep ranting and I'll keep reading and agreeing with most of it.

    1. I am livid about it...and during Suicide Awareness Week of all things. Bangs head on wall.

  6. In a land of HIPAA, everyone knows better than to photograph a patient. Geez.

  7. Also, ugh, how do I say this nicely? There are thousands of musical artists. Who cares if you don't like Miley Cyrus? People can't agree because they don't like her music or feel she doesn't have talent? Well OF COURSE not everyone likes her music. Not everyone likes any musician. There doesn't NEED to be more anyone. There are thousands of EVERY genre. My gosh, don't like it? Don't buy it. Mind your own radio.
    Plenty of people DO like her music.
    Oh yes they do.

  8. Of all of those things, naturally the two that piss me off the most are the abortion-forcing boyfriend. I hope he gets ass-raped in prison by Big Bubba. Sorry, but some assholes deserve it. He killed/stole her baby.
    Also, REALLY with the surgical patient and the stickers/mustache?! And then pics? Come the fuck on.

  9. I can keep most of this short and sweet to DC Comics I say FUCK YOU!!! That is all. To the baby killing lady hurting douchebag that slipped the abortion pills on his girl I say FUCK YOU!!! That is all. To the doctors that thought it was funny to defile a patient while out cold I say FUCK YOU!!! that is all. To Miley Cyrus here we go. I actually did my research.I watched this video all the way through and I listened very closely to the lyrics.I researched the song itself and it's background. So first I will say I agree completely about the lyrics. They are deep and don't think for a second that this only speaks to women, I have been in this type of relationship more then once. When I love I love WHOLE heartedly and I have felt the endless sting of having that heart ripped out of my chest, thrown on the ground, kicked around for a while, used to ridicule me, then thrown back in my face. IT SUCKS. That being said I do not see the point of needing to be naked for this video other then to draw attention and aquire a viewing audience. CONGRATS to her and to the video producers they are getting what they were after, ATTENTION! This is the biggest story in media right now so they were successful on that part. Now here's my only other problem Why Miley Cyrus for this song? This song was NOT written by Miley Cyrus (again I did my research) Here's the thing She didn't write this, she hasn't lived these emotions yet and hopefully never will (how do I know she has not suffered this kind of heartache you ask?) Simple she lives in the public eye and thrives on the attention, always has. If she really had a relationship at her extremely young age that created this sentiment we would ALL know it. Why not have a performer that is a little more worldly do such a great song. as deep as this song is and as much as it actually does touch me in a way that I understand to bring pain, and even as much as I like the lyrics, it would be so much deeper to me being sung by a person that I might believe has the background and suffering to understand what they are actually singing! I realize you don't have to be a fan of a certain artist to like something they have done. For example I am not a big Garth Brooks fan but he sings a song called ''unanswered prayers'' (written by him and a friend) This song is based on true events in his life about how sometimes gods greatest gift to you is an unanswered prayer and it is a very touching song that means a lot to me in my relationship with my wife, when Jenny and I began dating I was going through a horrible divorce with a women that was my every waking moment (as mentioned above she is one of the ones who ripped my heart out) anyways I spent a long time praying and praying to just let my relationship with my ex be healed and it was not. I know now that is because I was meant for FOR SOMEONE GREATER! My wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me so my unanswered prayer was my greatest gift from a higher power. MY POINT TO ALL THIS IS Garth sang a song that HE wrote about something that HE felt and suffered. He felt no need to get naked to make a point he felt no need to lick anything to draw attention and no I don't think Garth should have sang wrecking ball Ultimately I draw to a conclusion here sticking to what I said yesterday and that is that it's up to us as parents to be role models for our kids again though Congrats to Miley for getting the attention she worked so hard for.......oh and FUCK YOU! that is all.I want to add one last thing there are people in this world I respect more then all of the above and thats the people who are not afraid to speak out for themselves and for the voiceless, the people who stand up and say I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT i LIKE THAT OR i HATE IT!! The people who no matter what someone else's opinion is won't back down because they know that their opinion is just as important! Kelly you are one of those people and you are awesome!

  10. It always stuns me that people actually think they can get away with that stuff -- the stickers on the patient. I mean, really? Really?

  11. UGH, ok so obviously I hope the abortion-forcing baby killer gets a boyfriend named Big Bubba in prison. Also, really people at the hospital in California?? Where is the professionalism? This is one of my nightmares every time I have to go under anesthesia. And to take pics? Wow.

  12. Insanity. That's all I got. I didn't watch the Miley video and I haven't heard the song, probably. I'm over here hiding behind my old people music. The rest? Insanity!

  13. ... WTF DC? I'm so offended right now I'm re-thinking our family group costumes for Halloween. Yes. THAT OFFENDED. My best friend committed suicide. I'm so pro Gay I may as well BE gay. Fuck you, DC.

  14. I came back today to view Wrecking Ball. Sadly, I'm in tears and bawling. So I get it.

    All of her outlandish behavior of late aside, y'know what? I think she's nuts. I think she's fucking crazy. A bad breakup, heart break, grief, it tears us down and makes us do crazy things. She's young and hurting, and reacting to her pain. Someone should help her.


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