Monday, September 9, 2013

National Suicide Prevention Week

Like most people above a certain age, my life has been touched by suicide.

Some close to me, some a little further away.

Some of those who took their lives were young, some in the prime of their lives, some already nearing the end.

For all those who succeeded, there are the ones who tried, but lived.

I know that for me personally, it was an attempt that changed everything for me. It made me realize how broken the mental health system is. It made me understand how important it is to close those gaps. It made me understand how quickly people can feel like there aren't any other options.

I know that I'm supposed to be doing my duty right now to spread awareness of suicide, of the warning signs, of the hotline numbers and all that. And I will.

Sometimes, though, I'm just a girl who wants to stop everyone who thinks about it and ask them if this is what they want the last memory for everyone left to be. I want to tell them that no matter what their intentions are, no matter how helpless they feel, there is someone out there who loves them. Someone who will struggle to understand why. Someone who will never make sense of it. Someone who will shoulder blame that they shouldn't.

This decision in this one moment won't just end your life, it will change theirs. Forever.

If you or someone you love needs help, don't wait. There are crisis centers all over the country, and you can find one nearby here. You can also call 877-273-TALK

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