Monday, August 5, 2013

What My Husband Has To Deal With - a guest post from the man of the hive

I've asked my husband for a while now to write something for the blog. His answer has always been a quick and firm no. I'm the writer, he says.

Then I mentioned something on my fan page about how he posted a status warning the rest of the world to stay out of my way because I was so angry about something that had happened in the news, and people started asking me to convince him to describe what it's like to live with me when I'm pissed.

I won't lie. I'm a little bit scary to be around. I yell at the TV all the time. I can construct complex logical arguments within seconds and have a debate ready to go. Sometimes there is even clapping and flailing.

He is amused by this, and he loves to get a rise out of me. It took a few weeks, but he finally agreed to write. Here's his version of events from one of many of these heated conversations.

She's Fired Up

People are passionate about many things in their lives. Normally these passions change as people change, develop and mature. One passion that varies significantly between individuals is their political views. This passion could make people protest, get online and debate or even run for a political office, while others out there write about it. My wife has a political writing passion.

When I hear about a new court decision or a major law that has been passed or denied, I know that this will be a discussion between my wife and I when I have returned home from work. The nice thing is my wife and I agree most of the time on the issues. This does not mean these discussions are mild, though. The devil's advocate could arise at any point in time, and I like to play it. Poking the bear is another term that can be interchanged with devils advocate.

The George Zimmerman case was a poking the bear moment. The jury’s decision was on a Saturday in July. After the decision the internet was alive with postings either for or against the ruling. To me it seems that very few people are undecided about the case. Either for or against, people have a right to their opinion.

My wife, being the strong liberal and human rights woman that she is, was against the ruling. I was also against the ruling but decided to poke the bear a little. Our discussion went a little something like this:

Me: Don’t people have a right under the law and to defend themselves?

Wife: (Snarky tone) How can someone follow another person, instigate a fight, get his butt kicked and then be allowed to shoot the person he was following?

Me: Zimmerman thought he was dangerous.

Wife: Just because someone wears a hoodie and walks around at night does not make them dangerous.

Me: He was on the neighborhood watch and wanted to make sure his neighborhood was safe.

Wife: The police even told him he didn't need to follow Trayvon after he called 911, but he pursued him anyway.

Me: Why was he in the neighborhood?

Wife: His dad's girlfriend lives there. He was going to the store.

Me: Why was he wearing a hoodie?

Wife: It was raining.

Me: Well he shouldn’t have been going to the store while wearing a hoodie then.

Wife: (Passionately) He can wear whatever he wants, it doesn't make what happened okay!

End scene.

As you can see I am kind of a jerk in these discussions. I like to poke the bear. She knows that I don’t have these viewpoints and like the lively debates. I hope that it helps her deal with some of the internet folks out there who actually have differing views from her.

It does take her some time to cool down after these rulings or laws. Her passion comes out in her writing, and there are the times she can’t ever cool down enough to write about a topic like the Zimmerman case.

My wife is an excellent debater. This is what she was born to do and I love her for doing it.

Keep getting fired up.

I'll keep antagonizing you.


  1. My husband and I play devil's advocate with each other all the time. There are some issues we do disagree on and sometimes we get pretty heated. The good thing is, I think we can both see why the other feels the way they do, even if we don't agree.

  2. Thanks for writing, Hive King; it was great :)


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