Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Nerdsday - how I became a Game of Thrones addict

My name is Kelly. It has been 18 hours since I last read a chapter from A Feast For Crows and it has been 13 hours since I last watched an episode. Season 2, Episode 2 if you need to know that level of detail.

I never intended to be a GOT geek. Really.

In fact, when the show first aired, I remember distinctly all the fuss people were making of it. Purely out of curiosity, we decided to watch one episode.

It was all boobs and swords, boobs and swords. Literally. And I was like what in the fresh hell is this????

I don't even think we watched the entire episode before it got shut off. I know that this information probably comes as a shock to those who know me now, on the other side of this fantasy world addiction.

Then the husband volunteered at Comic Con, embraced his dorkness, and forced me to do the same. Or something like that.

He decided one day that he was going to read the books, and I asked quizzically, you mean the ones with the boobie show on HBO?

They came in the mail a few days later, and he was immediately hooked. He'd sigh audibly, gasp in places, laugh in others, be so repulsed by some things that he'd put it down and shake his head. Every once in a while, he'd forget that I hadn't read them and want to talk about whatever totally jacked up thing that had just happened, then catch himself because he didn't want to spoil it.

He wanted me to read them so he could have someone to talk to about them.

He's a slow reader and the books are hella long, so I waited semi-patiently for him to finish the first one. I was done with it a few days later, but he was barely into the second I went to the used book store and bought a second copy. I'm that impatient.

Now that I've read the books (well, most of them...I'm halfway through book 4), the show makes more sense. And there really are a lot of boobs in the stories. Big boobs, little boobs, barely mature boobs, old boobs, nursing boobs, boobs for hire. Boobs. Why so many boobs?  My guess is because they didn't have tv then, and they all drank a lot, and they had to keep themselves busy in between wars. And, let's face it...everyone likes boobs.

Last week a bunch of articles came out online requesting equal treatment of the dong. I laughed so hard when I read some of them that coffee came flying out of my nose.

I, for one, am generally all about equality, but I don't necessarily need to see more dong. I mean, I could totally get behind more male nudity on the show, but I'm not sure that I need the money shot. But that's probably just me.  The people want the dong.

And I digress....

Anyhow, I promised to write a post that wouldn't reveal any spoilers. So I'll try not to be specific here. If you don't want to read spoilers, then you probably shouldn't follow any of the GOT pages on Facebook either.

Here's the vaguest stuff I can give you that will make you want to read it, I mean aside from boobage and dongs...

- The writing is generally very good. The books are long, primarily because he describes stuff in a very Tolkien-esque way, and if you don't know what that means, then we can't even be friends anymore.

- Generally once you hit the last 200 or so pages in each book, get cozy. You're not getting up until it's over.

- The show follows the books well. Very well. Better than most anything that is an adaptation. Whoever did the casting for the show needs a raise because the actors and actresses are RIGHT ON.

- The character lists are nothing short of insane. There's a summary of the houses in the back of the book for a reason.

- The first 250-ish pages of the second book is painful to get through. It's worth wading through it.

- There are times that you will be completely grossed out. There are times you'll be pissed. There are times that you'll be cheering for a character, but do it quietly in your own head so people don't think you are crazy. There are times you'll probably throw the books across the room.

- Some characters seem immune to being killed off (especially the ones you'd love to see dead), but other ones die way before you think they should.

- Tyrion is kickass. That is all you need to know about him.

- Dragons. Dragons are rad.

- This.

- And this.

Just go read them. Because boobs and swords. That's enough reason, right???

Besides, winter is coming.

No, really, it is.


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  1. I HATED book 4 can't wait for Gorge to start writing again but I am pretty pissed off at him for what he did to Rob....I'm thinking about doing a GOT tribute album... I'll give you one for free when I do because I can tell you suffer like I do!

  2. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this 82 times already but my son is a HUGE fan of the books. I have a hard time reading these days (3 year old...other kids.... other things),so I'm reading at a super slow pace.My son really wanted me to read the books so we could talk about them but I opted for the TV series, which caused so much drama, you don't even wanna know.
    I shelved the GoT books until some other time. I'm thinking I might wait until George finishes the whole series. this way if he dies before he finishes , then I won't bother starting them at all and avoid all the heartbreak entirely.

  3. I read the books years ago,(twice, cause you have to in order to catch it all) had to re-read them a third time when book 4 came out and then re-read when the show started and was like...this is the best adaptation ever! I had been begging hubby to read it for years...He finally got it on his Kindle when the show came out...

  4. I love Game of Thrones. Only been watching the show (and have hit up Wikipedia for clarification). Should I read the books too? Probably a dumb question.

  5. OMG- The night is dark and full of terrors- especially waiting for the new book!! Red Wedding?? You know what I am talking about?? If the books hadn't of been on my phone I would have thrown that shit across the room on more than one occasion!!


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