Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Nerdsday - Crushing on Wil Wheaton

A while back now, a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook about Comic Con. A fellow nerd (he even has the tattoos to prove his adoration of the comics), he was passing along information about volunteering at the Con.

I immediately sent it off to my husband, of course, because I had a feeling he'd be all over it. To be honest, I would have too, but I figured I would throw him to the wolves alone the first time around and if he didn't hate it, I will volunteer next year with him. 

Anyway, he ended up volunteering for two days, then we went as a family on the third day together. 

At some point in his volunteering time, he talked to a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who got him over to Wil Wheaton's booth. Wheaton, being the obviously cool guy he is, offered free autographs to all volunteers. The husband and him apparently hit it off famously and chatted about all kinds of stuff for however long this fantasy persisted.

A signed copy of this has been displayed
in my living room ever since.
Well played, Sheldon.
I got lots of text messages that day from my husband, and I knew. He'd fallen hard for Wheaton. And you have to say it like Sheldon. Wheaton!

I get it. I mean, how could you not fall in love with Gordie from Stand By Me?  

Who else needs to watch this movie right now?
Oh, that movie.

Anyhow, Wheaton then moved on to Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he played Wesley Crusher for four seasons in what will probably be forever known as the most controversial cast of the show. Trekkies either loved or hated everything about The Next Generation, including him.

I hadn't quite embraced my dork yet, so I didn't watch much of that show, but when I did, I watched it for him. As I've aged matured, I've developed much more respect for the Star Trek series. It really is a next level show, the issues they face are moral struggles. They deal with deeper questions about humanity, about relationships, and they all do it in matching outfits. Oh myyyyyy.

After Star Trek, he mostly dropped off the map. He did some voice work and a few smaller movies, then drifted into obscurity and worked in the computer industry for a while. 

Like most child actors, he had some issues coming to terms with his identity as an adult, and it took him a bit to fully embrace his inner geek. My husband struggled the same way. Wheaton wrote about it in his book Just a Geek, which I will be getting him for Christmas unless he buys it on Amazon before then. The husband loves the Amazon. Brown Santa (UPS) visits our house on the daily. 

Infinite Wheaton.
Husband may need this shirt too.
I think this was taken at a Con.
Wheaton started writing books, did some guest appearances, and then one day rocketed back to fame after becoming Sheldon Cooper's nemesis on The Big Bang Theory

He played Fawkes on Felicia Day's webseries The Guild for two years. A gamer, he also hosts the web show TableTop, my husband's latest addiction, where he introduces his audience to all kinds of different games, many of which now reside in my cabinets. We just got Smallworld. Literally, every time the husband orders something, I ask him if his BFF Wil recommended it. Then he grins. Thanks a lot, Wheaton.

Wheaton's grown a beard. 

So has the husband.

All his shirts are dork shirts.
I knew he was really obsessed, this man of mine, when his daughter outed him one day. After Brown Santa brought another game to our house, she excitedly asked, Ooooooh Daddy, is this the one we watched on the tv show on the computer????

I just looked at him and shook my head. He's got my 8 year old watching TableTop with him.

He's crushing hard on Crusher.

Abandon all hope.

If you haven't fallen in love with this guy yet, you really should. Just check out this video where he explains to a newborn baby what it's like to be a nerd and I guarantee you will love him forever. 


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  1. I follow Will on Twitter although it gets ugly during hockey season, "Wheaton!"<--In Sheldon Cooper voice.

  2. OMFG I heart this entire post so fucking hard, Kelly!!

    You've got everything here, Stand By Me, Star Trek, comic cons, RP games, TV shows, and Sheldon. My head might explode from pure nerd overload. (My heart grew, too.)

    I really enjoyed reading the time line of your husband's crush on Wheaton.

    Thanks for sharing me today. Nerds Unite!

  3. I had a poster of Wesley Crusher on my wall as a teen. I was also assume I was the only girl in the state of Florida with a subscription to Starlog magazine back in the 80s. I took many years to finally come to grips with my geekdom-now I wonder whatever happened to that poster?

    I love me some Wil Wheaton even to this day! Nerds of the world unite!

  4. hahaha GREAT WRITE UP THIS IS!!! Am I the tattooed nerd that created this mess?! LOLOL


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