Wednesday, August 28, 2013

100 Word Song - Once Upon A Time

I have a million things I am supposed to be writing this week, and since I'm having a hard time getting to the place where I can do what I need to do, I was glad when my friend Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up You Blog challenged me to write another 100 word song.

Funny, his timing.

He's figured out to ask me on a day that something is happening of huge social significance, because then I can't say no. The first time I wrote a song the evening of the DOMA rulings about equality. Today, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, he baited me.

Yes he did.

The theme this time around has to do with the fact that Pearl Jam's Ten was released 22 years ago. Which I refuse to believe. I insist that he must be lying.

I'm going to attempt to combine Pearl Jam with MLK's speech. I can't promise it won't be terrible.


Once upon a time, passionate and well spoken
He stood for equality and human rights
His words, his will could not be broken
He spoke of a world within his sights

This land he dreamt of, so right and just
Where little boys and girls could hold hands 
A world in which those children could trust
That those in charge had a vision and plans

This world, it still needs built somehow
To come together, with his inspiration
He is gone, but we have to do this now
Only we can form a better nation

Once upon a time.

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