Sunday, July 7, 2013

3rd Annual 30 Day Photography Challenge Contest!!!

Here are 36 of my favorite pictures from the challenge!  It was so hard to choose with so many amazing photos!


These are the nominees for the contest.  Each will be captioned and then numbered, at random.  To vote, please click on your favorites in the poll.  It is on the left margin of the blog.

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You can vote for more than one picture if you'd like, I will set it up so that you may vote for one or all of them.  The voting will end at Noon MST, Sunday, July 7th.

Anyone who visits this page can vote, so get your friends to join!

Prizes generously donated by:
Michelle with thirtyone
Laura with AngelFace Originals
Melissa with Adventures of Ninjamama
Frenchy with The Crazy Mothereffers
Jeanna with My Children Think I'm Perfect

Please check them all out!!!

1. Bridge. Helen Pope Taylor
2. Cowboy. Terri DeJong
3. Personality. Michael Marcinko
4. Skyline. Jennifer Singer Celia
5. Please? Megan Davis
6. Opening. Susanne Kim Nelson
7. Generations. Laura Capra
8. Fire in the sky. Amber Lamb
9. Trail. Dora Talbot
10. Up. Annika Hagberg Taylor
11. Vanishing toes. Megan Lebert
12. Raindrops. Kyle Huber Berg
13. Climber. Christine Vader
14. Hanging around. Karin Antal
15. Bloom. Jennifer Maidl
16. Brushes. Jennifer Tallman
17. Slide. Angie Simas
18. Eyelashes. Christine Cowan Randles
19. Wharf. Jon Levesque
20. Skeeball. Lisa Evans
21. Tear. Jamie Mitchell
22. Needles. Jupiter Sinclair
23. Pier. Dominique Rudegeair
24. Music. Karrie Orsak
25. Surfer. Tanya Guffey
26. Glasses. Jessica Grenier
27. Daisy. Maria Ostrowski
28. Laundry. Kelly McIntyre
29. Heart. Erin She Hulk Schafer
30. Grin. Ursula Perry
31. Sunset. Michelle Michael
32. Love. Deb Hestness
33. Flooded. Megan Davis
34. Dew. Becky Robbins Ashley
35. Carnival. Chris DeFries
36. Tractor. Katie Herrman Isaacson


  1. Kelly, thank you so much for hosting this fantastic contest!!! It has been so much fun to be a part of it.....some days it was the only thing that got me up and moving! Love you!!

    1. Thank you so much for participating!!! xoxoxo

  2. For some reason I can't see the poll on the LEFT side or any side....

    1. If you are on a mobile app, you need to view the web version to see it. The poll is at the top of the left margin.

  3. Thank you, Kelly! These are amazing. Also, I can't believe how many I hadn't seen! I thought I was keeping up with everything that was posted. Makes me think FB hid some from me!

    1. I would have to agree! I thought I had kept up on all of them too!

  4. So cool - SO MANY AMAZING shots, I don't know HOW you narrowed it down! good job!

  5. Karrie Orsak..awesome work

  6. It's fun to see which ones were your favorites! I can't believe I made the cut! Thank you!


  7. These are amazing photos! I know I saw them before, but together they are breathtaking! Great job folks! Gosh I don't know if I can choose...

  8. Wahooo! Thanks for liking my photo, Kelly! I am honored to be amongst the other nominees! So awesome! This was a lot of fun. I wish I had been able to participate more!


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