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Writer's Workshop Wednesday ~ Cinko from Manderstanding

Welcome to Writer's Workshop Wednesday!  This is my way of paying it forward to all the people out there who want to start writing, but don't have their own blogs yet, or who are established writers that are looking to appeal to a different audience. I have also opened this up to those who would like to post anonymously about topics that are too difficult to write about publicly. Each week, I will host one or two posts by different writers.

I hope that you enjoy this series, I hope you find some new writers to follow, I hope this helps them out and I hope we can all learn something from them.

What can I say about Cinko???  He runs a Facebook page called Manderstanding, which is, to say it diplomatically, interesting. If you like boobs (and really, who doesn't?), it's the place for you. He also posts a lot of things that, while inflammatory, are truly intended to make you think about society, relationships, politics, religion and more...though I'm sure that most people don't see that side of it because they're either busy laughing or being offended. 

It's more than that, I promise...but he's kinda like the Louis C.K. of Facebook pages. An acquired taste, crass and crude at times, but almost always awesome. 

And....don't tell anyone I told you this....but he's actually a really great guy in real life. I've defended his honor before, and I'd do it again. Without further adieu, Cinko.

How to Survive Adulthood: A Tutorial

Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to grow up so you could do “grown up” things? Cool things like own a home or drive a car. You would tell yourself, “when I am grown up, I can do whatever I want and whenever I want to do it.” Have you ever wanted to go back in time and warn yourself about such horrible thoughts?

I was talking to a friend about this recently. We discussed the stresses associated with being grown up. Raising children, job demands, stressful relationships with spouses, friends, family and even learning about some things about those spouses, friends and family that you would really not want to know in the first place. We joked about using that mind erasing thing from Men in Black to just clear our minds of all of this grown up stuff.

For most of us, we put ourselves last. Taking care of ourselves really gets put on the back burner. We hardly relax, hardly unclench. I know I do put myself back there. And so do most of you.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, I know. I truly do.

Go to Home Depot and get a whole bunch of building supplies and build yourself your very own adult tree house. And if you can’t afford to do it, build yourself a mental tree house.

My point is, find some “place” where you can go to recharge, a refuge so that you can face life and its stresses. Whether it’s a physical place or a psychological place or a spiritual place, our tree house can manifest itself in a plethora of ways: my tree house this week was one moment.

Picture it:

I was watching my two little naked minions in the backyard, laughing, running and jumping into a turtle swimming pool while I listened to the baseball game on the radio while drinking my favorite beer. 

I let all the stress of my world slip away with the sounds of laughter and baseball and water combining into a symphony of relaxation.

Now the hard part is finding your tree house and then making sure you actually go there to unwind. Whether you workout, sit by the pool, watch sports or even build an actual adult tree house, do it. By the way, there is no way you could be stressed out if you had an actual adult tree house. Even getting insurance on it would be fun. I know a guy who could hook you up.

I find myself searching out for my tree house nearly every day. Not because my life is so bad, but because I look forward to it. I want to feel nothing but positivity even if it’s only for five minutes. It helps and helps a lot. Being a grown up has its ups and downs. Our childhood selves should get a swift kick in the butt for wishing to grow up so quickly. 

I find it funny that when we are young, we want to be older and when we are older, we want to be young. Why can’t we be both? 

I believe we can, but first we need a tree house. We all need a tree house.

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  1. Cinko is awesome! And Manderstanding is an awesome page too. Maize, the content contributor is awesome as well. Awesome post.....

    Do I get an award for overuse of the word awesome? lol


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