Thursday, June 6, 2013

3rd Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 7 ~ Feet

I was tempted to dig up one of my most favorite pictures ever, one of my daughter's feet that I took when she was 6 months old and full of chubby baby deliciousness. Then, I thought to myself that it wouldn't be fair because I've got a whole lot of other feet in the house too.

Our feet say a lot about us here, and the feet that aren't in the picture right now maybe say more.

Mine are missing, because they've been beat to hell recently. I scraped a good chunk of skin off one of my big toes this past weekend in one of my finer moments. I do all my own stunts. The other foot has a big toe with half a toenail missing because it got kicked by a kid in soccer cleats a few weeks ago.

My husband's are missing, mostly because he's at work, but also because he's fairly self conscious about his feet. He has many scars, the latest of which was acquired last year when he ruptured his Achilles.

The toes on top belong to my oldest. His feet, and just about everything else about him, look just like my brother. I call him my brother's name so often he has just started responding to it. His feet are the biggest in the house these days, and he's already taller than me.

The toes on the bottom belong to freckles, my oldest daughter. They are covered in bruises and scars, evidence of how hard she has played for as long as she's lived. Her toes just keep getting longer and longer and she can separate them completely, which she does regularly just to make my skin crawl.

The toes on the right belong to mini-me. Like so much about her, they look perfect from a distance, but they have troubles to work through. She has pretty bad eczema that flares occasionally, and her feet seem to be affected the most often. She has at least six colors of nail polish on them currently.

The toes on the left belong to little boy. He needed surgery on his feet because of crooked, overlapping toes. The tendon under his middle toe on each foot was snipped to pull them straight, and when he curls his toes up like a monkey, he flips the world off with his feet. He has a huge scar on one ankle from ninja kicking through a glass cabinet when he was two...that day tested my abilities to put Humpty back together again.  p.s. surgical glue fixes almost everything.

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  1. Wait, hold on... The ability to spread your toes is not normal?


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