Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the extra dose of the gays edition

Kaitlin Hunt
By now, most of you have probably heard about this case at least a little bit. An 18 year old girl, Kaitlin Hunt, was charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a minor for having engaged in sex acts with her 15 year old girlfriend. There is a lot of conflicting information online, and until the trial, it will probably be impossible to know for sure what happened and when. It is known that the so-called victim's parents knew of the contact prior to Hunt's 18th birthday, but chose not to contact the authorities until after she turned 18, and that they did so primarily because they disapprove of the homosexual nature of the contact.

I won't speculate on the facts here since they are in dispute, but there are a few issues at hand. First, if all the contact happened prior to Hunt's 18th birthday, it's doubtful that she will be convicted. She has, however, been expelled from school at the request of the victim's parents. Second, the victim has maintained all along that she consented to the acts, but in the eyes of the law in Florida it is irrelevant. Minors under 16 cannot consent to sexual activity under any circumstances. If she was 16, she could have. Third, if there was contact after Hunt turned 18, then it is technically illegal.

Here's where I struggle. The so-called victim's parents seem heavily motivated by their daughter's orientation. I question whether this would even be an issue if Hunt was male. If they would have even called the police. I am quite disturbed by the fact that they intentionally waited until Hunt turned 18 to alert the authorities. It almost morphs them into being an accessory of the crime if they knew the contact was ongoing but elected to wait to call the police until the offender was of age. Where are their actual motivations here then - to "protect" their daughter, or seek vengeance? 

It's entirely possible she's only being charged because of the parents' dislike of homosexuality. It certainly seems that way.

There are "Romeo and Juliet" provisions in Florida state law that will allow the court to forgo the labeling of Hunt as a sex offender if convicted, but they do not make the contact legal.

If the contact was indeed illegal, then it was illegal. Period. Her orientation shouldn't matter. The laws may be overly harsh, but that's neither here nor there. The law is the law.

At the end of the day, this is a case that I will be watching with great interest. I remember being a teenager in love, throwing caution to the wind and having no awareness of whether having sex was legal or not. Had the girlfriend in this case been 16 instead of 15, we wouldn't even be talking about this.

Morality Clauses, Divorce and Texas
Texas doesn't just refuse to allow gays to marry, no sir. Everything is bigger in Texas. It prohibits them from doing many other things. They can't execute many of the legal documents straight people can, and they aren't allowed the same protections when it comes to custody of children.

Two weeks ago, Page Price was given 30 days to move out of her lesbian partner's home after a judge decided to enforce a morality clause in the divorce agreement between her partner Carolyn Compton and her ex-husband.  He brought the enforcement motion before the court.

The morality clause dictates that Compton cannot have anyone she is dating or intimate with in her home after 9pm. Since they aren't allowed to get married under state law, the judge said she has to leave even though they have been living together for almost three years and have a very stable household.

Carolyn cannot marry her girlfriend, but her ex-husband theoretically could if he chose. Texas courts also refuse to acknowledge gay marriages or unions from other states, leaving gay couples no other option in these cases, they are at the mercy of the court.

The court adjudicated by an openly conservative judge in this case.

Mark Carson
Mark was walking through the West Village area of Manhattan, just blocks from the Stonewall Inn, with his partner last weekend when a man walked up to him, called him a faggot and shot him in the head. 

The suspect is in custody, but this crime has rocked one of the most progressive, inclusive neighborhoods in the nation. This is an area where the LGBT community has probably felt the safest the longest, and even still there are violent crimes like this one.

Attacks on the LGBT community in the area have roughly doubled this year.

Biblical marriage = free chicken
Leave it to Chick fil-A. Handing out free food to those male/female couples who attend a Biblical marriage church event.

I wish they would knock this crap off. They make a damn tasty sandwich.


It's a free country. You can preach against the gays, I just won't eat your delicious food. It would have been pretty funny if the gays and the lesbians had descended on the meeting, partnered up and taken the cards though. Am I right???

Stefon is leaving SNL
Bill Hader is leaving the show. I'm so sad. What will I do? I won't know where the hottest club in New York is this season, and I won't have anyone to tell me what a human 8 ball or a human fanny pack is!!!

I will miss him so, but at least he went out spectacularly, wedding Seth Meyers in a beautiful ceremony.

I leave you with this for the week.

I've been told this isn't my fight. I've been told I should stop talking about it. I've been told that I'm wrong, that I've given up on my own hypothetically gay children.

Fuck that noise.

I will fight for equality until I don't have to anymore. If you can't handle that, too damn bad.

No freedom 'til we're equal. Damn right I support it.


  1. I live within 15 miles of Kaitlin Hunt. I've been to her school. I work with her neighbors & shop with them, too. I'm appalled at this whole situation. We have a relatively visible LGBT community here. There's absolutely no reason for this, at this time, other than the evil spitefulness of the girlfriends parents. I will NOT call her a victim, because she is NOT. She consented. She participated. You don't fail your kids because they're gay, you fail them when you don't love them because they're gay.

    1. Totally agreed. The upside is that for these charges to stick, most of the time they need cooperation of the "victim". She's already said she won't cooperate.

  2. Kelly, you're truly one of the brave ones of the blogging world. When I grow up, I want to be like you. Someone needs to keep talking about it. And if you can say Eff-off to the haters, then it should be you. Thanks for always making me think when I come here.

  3. "It almost morphs them into being an accessory of the crime if they knew the contact was ongoing but elected to wait to call the police until the offender was of age. "
    ABSOLUTELY! Fantastic TTPMOT as usual :)

  4. I wrote about Kaitlyn yesterday and plan to write about the Compton/Page case tomorrow. It's saddening what this world is coming to. And it's pathetic.

    As usual, nicely done.

  5. I like your take. I have read a lot on this and while I feel immensely for Kaitlyn, I think it is an issue of the statutory rape law. If she were a male, the parents might not have pressed charges, but if she were a male, she would not have a community rallying behind her. Unfortunately, equal means equal. I am sure there have been plenty of pissed off parents who sought to prosecute 18 year old boys who had consenting relationships with their daughters. The law is law. Hopefully, nothing will come of this beyond the damage already done. I already talk to my 12 year old about consent laws in MI. These are the realities. My boyfriend was 18 when I was 15 too. I know how this rolls.

  6. Kelly, if you're ever in Massachusetts, hit me up. I make some FABULOUS gay-friendly fried chicken.

  7. The case of Kaitlin sickens me! As you pointed out, the motives of the parents waiting till she turned 18 are very suspect!


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