Friday, April 26, 2013

In other developments...

This week hasn't been the greatest, I'll give you that.

I've been so wrapped up in the stuff going on under my own roof that I haven't even talked about a lot of the current event stuff happening.

Like the fact that elected representatives want poor kids pulled out of class to work for their food.

Like the fact that we've killed over 4,700 people with drones, many of which are innocent bystanders, some of which happen to be kids, and no one here seems to understand why there are entire regions of the world pissed off at us. We decry terrorism when it happens on our soil, but aren't we really doing the same thing? Oh, right....the media doesn't really cover that kind of stuff, so it must not be true.

Like the fact that the government discredits Iraq veterans claims about health problems resulting from radiation, chemicals and who knows what else that they were exposed to. As if that's not enough, we've left a toxic wasteland over there and they are seeing birth defects skyrocket. Good thing we went to war over weapons of mass destruction....oh....never mind...

Like the fact that two guys kill three people with a bomb and we immediately call it an act of terror, but more people than that are killed every single day by guns and no one flinches. Legal gun owners were responsible for loaded guns getting into the hands of kids, who used them to accidentally shoot other kids this week...but that's not a lead story on the news because we're too preoccupied with pressure cookers and hyped religion wars.

Like the fact that there are idiots in the world who hold up signs that say things like you deserve to be raped, and there are other idiots who agree. Even though all these people are collective idiots who buy wholly into the flawed reasoning of rape culture, I'll still defend this asshole's right to hold up that sign (even if I secretly hope he gets his ass kicked).

Yeah, I'm mad about all that stuff.  Peripherally. I just don't have much energy to devote to it right now.

It's been a long week, but it's almost over.

The sun is shining, the grass is turning green again. There is a nest of baby birds in one of my trees and I can hear them chirping all day long. My son has a crush on a girl, my oldest daughter pulled out her own tooth last night with no tears. Mini-me gave me a huge hug this morning and told me she loves me. Tiny ninja boy is doing flips on the trampoline while singing Lady Gaga songs.

For now at least, I'm going to take that and keep that and do my best to ignore all the rest. Just for a little while.

I can be pissed off tomorrow.


  1. I feel like I'm always mad about this kind of shit but it doesn't do any good because no one else is mad about it. Except you and some other swell people.

  2. it is good to let yourself have the happy things for a bit.

  3. I feel you! And I am grateful that you ended this post with a happy update on the kids.


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