Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Music Challenge - K is for Kelly Clarkson, Lenny Kravitz, KISS, Kool & the Gang, Kenny Chesney, Alicia Keys, KC & the Sunshine Band and Kings of Leon

This is an eclectic collection in this letter.

Kelly Clarkson
The very first winner of American Idol, she was everything that the show started out wanting to be.  Coming from humble beginnings, she was a truly undiscovered, raw talent. She was sweet and could have been the girl next door. You just wanted to root for her. All these years later, I find myself still rooting for her. She has a pretty kickass name too, so there's that.

She's had a ton of great songs, but this one is probably my favorite because she's real and honest and she tells it like it is.

Kid Rock
The punk in a trucker hat, he's personifies everything he stands for. Partying, good music, total disregard for what anyone thinks about him. He's caught some heat from others in the industry for his generally conservative outspoken views, but I admire him for staying true to what he thinks even if I almost never agree with the guy. I also commend him for his summer tour pricing strategy this summer. He's about to pull off what Pearl Jam tried to all those years ago - cutting down the profits of the middlemen in music, getting back to the connection between the stage and the fans. For that, I say thank you.

Known as much for their stage antics, platform shoes, outrageous outfits and signature makeup as they are for their music, you can't deny that they've influenced rock music. Turn it up, sing along, stick your tongue out. Go ahead.

Lenny Kravitz
Quite possibly one of the sexiest men in music, he's one of my favorites. When he was cast as Cinna in the Hunger Games, I was a happy girl.  Thank you sweet lord baby jesus for putting this man on a big screen. Yum. His music has always been pretty mainstream radio rock, fairly predictable, but damn good.

Kool and the Gang
They are as much a part of the 70s as any other group could claim to be. Their music just made you want to get up and dance. Go on. Get up.

Kenny Chesney
I'm not generally a fan of country music, but I have to admit to liking him. He's laid back and relaxed. I dig that. And this song...don't even get me started.

Alicia Keys
This girl is on fire. No, really, she is. She shot to fame with her first album and hasn't looked back since. Her range and control is rare, and she's one of the few singers out there who can pull of a capella performances in these days of studio alterations.

KC & the Sunshine Band
Another group with a firm grip on the 70s, they incorporated funk, disco and rock somehow, creating some of the party anthems we all know and love, and probably will forever. Did you sit down after the Kool & the Gang song??? Get back up.

Kings of Leon
This good old fashioned rock band came out of the heartland, and their music shows their roots. Composed of brothers and cousins, there is a flow to their music that just tells you they've been at it for a good long time, and that it comes from within, like they have some special connection to each other and to the music. Throw in some amazing lyrics, and this is what you get.

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  1. I like Kelly Clarkson okay, but the most famous of her songs I enjoy is a duet with Jason Aldean, called "Don't you Wanna Stay".


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