Monday, April 1, 2013

A to Z Music Challenge, A is for Axl Rose, Adele, AC/DC and Annie Lennox

I'm supposed to be doing a spring break series on r&b right now, but seem to be lacking the focus for that.  Instead, I'll hop on the blogging train for the month of April.  The A to Z challenge is intended to be just a writing challenge, but I'm putting my own twist on it.  I don't follow rules well, anyway.

Each day, I'll write about something from the world of music that begins with the letter of the day.

A is easy.  Tons and tons and tons of things start with the letter A, which is great.  Here, I'm showcasing my randomness when it comes to music.  I love almost all genres, love almost all time frames.  Love it all.

Axl Rose
Primarily known as the front man for Guns N' Roses, he was a rare bad boy in the time of hair bands.  He wasn't so much about the guyliner and hairspray, he just rocked.  Hard.

Raised in a very strict Pentecostal household, he's proof that the more you try to repress your children, the more they will rebel.  He's the last remaining member of the band.

He's been in trouble for almost as many years as he's been singing, and has been an almost constant source of fodder for the press.  Abused as a child, he's often said there's a reason he tends to act like a two year old.

I don't know what the hell has happened to this poor woman, but it's transformed her into one of the most powerful vocalists of this generation.  She can take a broken heart and turn it into rage, revenge or renewal.

Her voice is deep and soulful, and for as passionate as she is when she sings, she has a light and fun sense of humor.  A self-deprecating one at that.  Combine it with the fact that she's evidence that strong, beautiful, successful women can shop in the plus section, and she's got an instant fan base all over the world.

I have a bit of a girl crush on her.

I love them. I just love them.  I've managed to successfully brainwash my son into loving them too.  They rock hard, raw and edgy...and they've been around forever.

If you lived in San Diego when Trevor Hoffman was pitching and you don't hold a special place in your heart for this song, I don't want to know you anymore. Seriously.

Annie Lennox
She's drop dead gorgeous, she confuses the hell out of people, she's magnificent and she has one of the purest voices in all of music.  I adore her.

She sang with a bunch of bands for many years, but I think we all know she never needed the backup.  She's a humanitarian, an activist, a powerful voice in a world of apathy and distance.


  1. I was totally crazy over Annie Lenox when she first came out with Sweet Dreams in the 80's. I have always loved the deep richness of her voice. Even now she still sounds amazing when she performs--the sign of a gifted musician.

  2. I love me some Adele too! Not so much for AC/DC. lol

    p.s. I nominated you for an award if you'd like to check it out. xoxo

  3. wait.. are we from the same mother or something?

  4. Very cool sampling! I have to confess though for using an Air Supply song for my letter a post in my angsty 80's a-z challenge post!


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