Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the nipples out edition

It's Tuesday, the day where I get to tell you all about the things driving me crazy this week.  There's a little bit of something for everyone here today, promise.

Let's go do this thing.

Nipple Lady
Ironic that on the day that I wrote a mushy post about how all us women should hold hands and frolic in the flowers in support of one another, I had occasion to get frustrated with one.  At my son's wrestling tournament last night, a lady showed up wearing a very see-through shirt with a bra that didn't do it's job well enough.

She actually looked pretty good in it, truth be told.  It's the kind of thing that would be perfectly acceptable if we were in a dimly lit bar with consenting adults.  I can appreciate a good nipple as much as the next person (trust me, as a doula, I've seen a LOT of them). But when you're in a huge gym full of pubescent boys, not a good call.

I don't care how great you think your nipples look, don't show them to my kid.

Holster those bad boys.

Incidentally, what bothered me the most about the whole thing is the fact that I used the words "foundation garments".  What am I now?  A 50's housewife?  80 years old?  Who says shit like that?????

Get off my lawn.

Soccer Season
Cue the dramatic music.  The season starts today.  Little boy isn't playing this time around, partially because he was too good for his age group and needs to play up, partially because his mother wanted to retire from coaching, but primarily because he was having huge problems with hypoglycemia during games and it freaks me out.

I am hoping that by next Fall, his sugar issues will be straightened out a little bit more and I won't be shoving OJ down him at halftime.

Anyway, even though only the girls are playing, my life as I know it is over for the next 3 months.  We're talking six practices a week (though I'm not sure the player assigned to 4 a week is dedicated enough to justify that) and two games.  I get two days a week soccer-free, unless game is rescheduled to Sunday because of snow.

If you need me, I'll be on a field somewhere.  Indefinitely.  Probably sobbing like an idiot half the time because this is the last season for my oldest daughter with her team.  Have I mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with this sport???

Insanity Pleas
I've written before about the series of events that led to me sitting in a ICU waiting room with the family of Caleb Medley last July immediately after the Dark Knight Rises theater shooting.  Caleb laid in a bed fighting for his life while his wife gave birth to their son one of the days I sat there and prayed with his parents.  He was shot in the head and suffered a tremendous amount of damage. He's on a very long road to recovery, and was the last victim to be released from the hospital.

Last weekend, there was an article in the paper here about the case.  It seems like there is an article about the legal case every day, but this one made me sick.

James Holmes, the shooter who planned this attack for months, needs to decide whether to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

In the words of his attorneys, he cannot intelligently decide how to proceed, until this Court rules upon certain legal issues related to the entry of such a plea and advises Mr. Holmes and counsel of the consequences of such a plea.

Wait a hot second.

If this guy needs more information to "intelligently decide" anything, doesn't that also imply that any claim to an insanity defense is preposterous???

Clearly, the kind of people who commit crimes like this aren't "normal".  There are moral defects in them that would allow them to do these things, certainly.  In this case, there were red flags all over the place and no one was able to stop him.  

This was, however, a well executed plan.  It took him months to accumulate all the weapons used.  He even booby trapped his apartment, showing yet another level of premeditation.  Willful intent.   

Claiming the defense here requires an accused defendant to basically admit they are guilty.  They then claim protection under the law, alleging that they cannot be held liable criminally because of their mental status at the time.  The burden is on the defense to prove insanity, and whether the defendant is deemed such is a legal determination made by the court, not a medical one.

Essentially, he doesn't want to admit he did it, but he wants protection under the law that wouldn't hold him criminally liable.  

Unfortunately for him, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Clark v. Arizona that there is no Constitutionally protected right to an insanity defense, and some states have abolished it altogether.  Time to make up your mind, James.  Either you're guilty and want us to believe you're crazy, or you somehow think you can avoid conviction without the insanity defense.

The Sequester
Here's a quick and dirty summary of what it is, why it happened, and what it means to people.

Basically, Congress didn't do their job a couple years ago, couldn't agree on a budget, pushed off a deadline and now it's time to pay the piper.

Here's what I think should happen....ready for this?

Elected officials should do their damn job.  I don't care if it's hard.  I don't care if you have to stay late.  I don't care if you have to forgo vacations or sacrifice your pet pork barrel projects.  I don't.

You were elected to do a job.  For your constituents and for this country as a whole.

Do it.

Sit down, figure this out.  Reach across aisles and compromise.

Get honest about where money is spent in this country, get honest about programs that aren't working or that get funded only because some lobbying group paid you off.  Get honest.

Maybe now that everyday people are paying the price, they will finally start getting angry.  Maybe they will start demanding that their representatives either do their jobs or lose their jobs.

How about we cut their salaries until they can get it done?

Surely, they can survive better than the WIC families who are losing out.

This isn't about party politics anymore, blame for this mess lies on both sides of the aisle.

Suck it up and figure this out.


  1. Right there with ya on the Sequester. The tribal college on my Reservation will lose funding for multiple programs, such as the GED and adult continuing education programs. How does it make sense that such basic needs programs go first?

  2. I've said it before~ I'll say it again~ you, my dear, are fanfuckingtastic! Oh and also~ extremely intelligent, more funny than many comedians and more beautiful inside and out than any woman has a right to be <<<>>>>>

    <3 and light~

  3. Absolutely love this. I couldn't have said it any better!

  4. How about this, how about Congress set up rules that if they don't come to a compromise they don't get paid, their health benefits get cut, their lifetime....yes I said it...LIFETIME pay stops...Once you are a member of Congress you receive that pay for the rest of your life...Two years in the house and you get benefits for life. And people bitch moan and complain about teachers who have their own retirement plans, not social security.

  5. I love Tuesday...

    Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to just stop paying the people in Congress for not figuring this out, we can't. Any changes to their pay wouldn't take effect until the next Congress because of the 27th amendment. Which I have to say kind of cracks me up because the Republicans are so obsessed with the Constitution -- at least for show -- and they're the ones who like to push this no pay thing. It goes against their policy of making every House bill pass the "Constitution test." They mainly just like to say it because people like to hear it.

  6. Okay, "Things that piss me off Tuesday?" When I write a big long comment and then it gets erased by Blogger when I sign in. Yeah....

  7. The year my son graduated from middle school, one of the mommies wore a strapless mini dress to the Mass and luncheon for graduation for an all-boys Catholic middle school. (Is there enough wrong with this already?? Did I mention she was very well endowed?) The fact that she was bra-less and wearing a thong was not lost on my two teenage boys.

    I'm completely convinced lightning would strike me down if I drove carpool without a bra while wearing a sweatshirt.

    Yeah, and that other stuff pisses me off, too.

  8. UGH! The sequester thing is just a cherry on top of the end of winter blues...it seriously stresses me because I can't figure out, like you said, when the hell people are going to do their jobs...that they get paid a non-decreasing salary to do. Then my seventh grader comes home to talk about proposed school cuts that are on the table again this year....eeeeek!

    A few years back there was a woman who wore a white gauzy strapless dress to the fourth grade water slide fun days...that was nice when the threat of fire hoses hitting her loomed (especially since men were manning those hoses...yeah accident, I'm sure)

    The other item...can't even register a decent comment.


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