Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Forward....and save my sanity

Not that it's going to matter much to us right now, hunkered down in the house amidst the most anticlimactic snow storm of the year, but the time changes tonight.

Seriously, Weather Channel.

If you're gonna start naming storms, save it for storms that drop more than a couple inches.  I'd better see more than a few flakes swirling around outside if you call something Triton.  I want a real blizzard where I can build snow caves and it takes two days to dig out.

Impress me OR stop naming the very average, very unimpressive, regular snow storms that come through when it's actually winter.

Back to my original point....the time is changing tonight.

I think it's funny that people always complain about the time change honestly.  It doesn't really phase me at all.  We've never had more trouble suddenly getting the kids to go to bed or wake up on time, even when they were babies.  We've always immediately adjusted to the Spring change, welcoming it even.

This time of year, I'm glad to have another hour of sunshine in the afternoon.  My soccer playing, bike riding, skateboarding kids are pretty happy about it too.  My husband gets downright giddy that the ball of fire is still up when he gets off work.

I'm even MORE excited about the fact that it means that come Monday, I won't have to fight with my bitch of a garage door anymore.

You see, in late February and early March, the angle of the sun in the sky in the afternoon is just so that it hits the sensor for the garage door and renders it useless.  I can't shut the damn thing without orchestrating this complicated maneuver religiously, where I back out of the garage almost completely, but with just the right amount of the bumper blocking the devil rays of light from hitting the sensor, then backing out with a fraction of a second before the door comes slamming down on the hood.

Seriously, I should videotape this crazy daily dance.  I have to start trying to leave early just so I can get out of the driveway in time to pick the kids up.

I may or may not scream many curse words at the garage door on a daily basis while we perform this in and out dance of holding buttons down, then the light flashing at me when the door stops.

Fucking door.

It taunts me.  And laughs a maniacal laugh.

My favorite is when the dogs wonder what the hell is going on and wander out into the garage, looking at me with their heads tilted to the side all confused dog like.

Eventually, they start to think that I'm not actually leaving, since I seem wholly incapable of closing the damn door and they come out to see me.  Say hi.  Wonder if they get to go for a ride.

So, then I'm usually stuck in the driveway with a door that won't go down and two clueless wandering dogs.


I'm pretty sure I've heard my neighbors laughing at me a few times.  It is that bad.

You will never hear me whine about losing an hour on the Sunday that the time changes in the Spring.  I never have enough hours in the day anyway, and losing another one isn't really going to make a difference.

AND I won't have to fight with the garage every day.

C'mon Daylight Savings Time.

Save me.


  1. Could you just put a little "hat" over the sensor? Somrthing to block the sun?

  2. You're hilarious! Surely you could rig up some contraption to stop the sun... An evergreen tree perhaps, some cardboard as a shade... You deliver babies woman... you can do this!

  3. Have a similar problem. Solved by backing car completely out of the garage, then get out of car with remote in hand. I then stand in front of the sensor to block out the light, command that sucker to close w/ the remote, then I'm on my merry way. I hope this can help the ever helpful and and entertaining lady...:-)

  4. I get your crazy, because we go through it too. The light hits it JUST right closing of the garage door. Yep...been there.


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