Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I'm writing this now because I have something already planned for tomorrow.

Something that I need to write about here for a second, if you'll humor me.

Tomorrow, one of my closest friends is writing here for you.  Except there's a catch.  I've never met her.  Weird, right?  Not as weird as you think.

She's awesome, and I promise you all will fall in love with her tomorrow if you haven't already.  Her name is Lillian, and she writes over at It's a Dome Life.

She is one of this group of amazing people who have come into my life this past year.

bloggers, page admins, former drunks, stay at home dads, 
grieving mothers, suicide survivors, single mothers, 
advocates, feminists, midwives, wiener dog owners, 
artists, vagabonds, musicians, farmers, mental health defenders, 
special needs protectors, yoga instructors, crusaders, 
writers, tattooed moms, cancer patients, preemie moms, 
photographers, chefs, doll abusers, newlyweds, fighters

They all do what they do for a reason.  We all do what we do for a reason.

They've made me laugh.  They've made me cry.  They've become my friends.

These are the gifts I have been given this year.

This past year has taught me a lot about myself.  I'm branching out. I'm taking risks.  I'm trying new things.  I'm laying it out there, in the public eye.

I'm doing it because of all of them, and I'm doing it because of you.

My fans, my readers.

Thank you.


  1. Wishing you a very special and happy birthday (and day off!). I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. I love what you write and your passion for things that I am also passionate about. Look forward to following you for years to come!


  2. Happy Birthday dear girl! You're amazing!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your special day and surround yourself with love!

  4. What does Wonder Woman do on her birthday? I hope you get the old invisible plane out of the garage and take it for a spin. Happy Birthday!

    You said such nice things about me that I teared up a bit. I feel really lucky to know you. You're one of the bravest bloggers I know and a really good friend. xoxoxo

  5. Lay it out there! Happy birthday my friend!

    Doll abusers?

  6. Happy birthday and enjoy all your peeps, near and far.


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