Monday, February 18, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the racist slapper, addiction and jerkoff edition

There was so much stuff to include for this that I started writing it yesterday.  Either this week is disproportionately full of shitty news stories or I'm just in the mood to be exceptionally pissed off. I guess it doesn't really matter, since you people seem to adore my rants.

Off we go.

Are we really talking about a water bottle?
Last week was the State of the Union address where POTUS talked about revolutionary things like universal preschool and raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour (good lord, the audacity of this man sometimes....aaaaand you know I'm being sarcastic, right?)  He talked about gun control legislation, voter rights and bringing the last of the soldiers home from Afghanistan.

As is customary, the party to which the President does not belong was given time to provide a nationally televised rebuttal immediately after the speech.  The powers that be in the Republican party chose Marco Rubio, the guy proclaimed by some to be the savior of the party.  As long as they're talking about the party somehow being saved by increasing extremism...which didn't exactly work out for them in the last election...but I digress.

Anyhow, it seemed like all anyone could talk about in the hours and days after the speeches was the fact that Rubio seemed nervous and fumbled a bit while trying to grab a bottle of water, as if that is somehow more relevant than the fact that this guy, the supposed savior of the party, voted against the Violence Against Women Act just hours before.

The picture IS amusing, I'll give you that, but
this is NOT important.  
Yep, that water bottle sure was more important.

***bangs head on desk***

Racist Baby Slappers
Joe Rickey Handley did what plenty of people do in the country every day on airplanes.  He got tired of listening to a baby cry.  Boo hoo. It's part of life, jerkoff.  Instead of dealing with it like a normal fucking person, he told the mother to shut that n***er baby up, then slapped the two year old across the face.

And yes, for the record...I will curse like a sailor on this here blog, but I'm not typing that word.  In some ways, that pisses me off more than the fact that he hit someone else's kid.

My son was slapped by a stranger once.  True story.  It's amazing that I'm not behind bars because I was so angry, but unlike that vile woman and this racist dickhead, I actually HAVE SELF CONTROL.

He's already being charged with federal assault charges, but I hope to god that they slap this jerk with a hate crime too.

The illusion of okay in the face of addiction and mental instability
Mindy McCreedy killed herself last weekend, just weeks after her boyfriend took his own life.  She left two children without a mother.

She's struggled with addiction and mental problems for years.  She was in abusive relationships, torrid affairs, she's had a DUI and has been charged with other crimes including battery, identity theft and unlawful imprisonment.  Her kids were in foster care because she had been deemed an unfit mother.

She had attempted suicide more than once in the past, and is the fifth person featured on the show Celebrity Rehab to have died in the past three years.

She assured her fans, her friends that she was okay...and even if people claim they were concerned now, what's done is done.  Too many people are lost every day in this country at their own hands. Too many of them suffer mental disorders, substance abuse, addictions.  Too many.

105 people a day, on average.  Gone.

We must do better.  We must treat mental illness as a medical disease just like we treat cancer and diabetes.  We must take the stigma away from it.  We must encourage people to seek treatment and help.  We must treat addiction the same way, like the disease that it is.  We must do better.

First Do No Harm?
Isn't the hallmark of the Hippocratic oath, the one that doctors swear to uphold, to first do no harm?  It's always been my understanding that this piece is the quintessential one, the most important, the most revered.  And yet, this week, I saw quite the opposite happen.

A friend sought advice from her doctor about a situation.  A complicated, dangerous situation where there is too much at stake.

Instead of offering medical advice, objectively and soundly in the best interest of his patient, instead of recusing himself because the situation might go against his moral fibers, instead of referring her to someone more able to treat her, he judged her.  He sat in judgment.  He provided no information, no advice.  He didn't even suggest treatment alternatives that lined up with his personal beliefs.  He just judged.

In doing so, he did harm.  Irreparable harm.

There are things that happen in this world that place competing interests against each other, and the human condition lends itself to too many of those situations.  If we cannot trust our physicians to, at a minimum, not make it worse, what are we left to do?

I am angry.  Very, very angry on her behalf.

I'm going to take my toys and leave
Magpul is a company that produces molded plastics here in Colorado.  Among the many items they produce are high capacity magazines for guns.

The state legislature is currently debating implementing many gun control laws in Colorado, one of which pertains to limits on the size of magazines that can be owned here within the state.  As a concession to the gun lobby, the limit was raised from 10 units of ammunition to 15.

Importantly, there are no proposed laws here in the state that would outlaw the manufacture of these magazines.  Though private citizens would not be permitted to purchase them in state limits anymore if it passes, they can still be produced here.  The magazines could be shipped to other states and purchased for military and law enforcement purposes here.  Retired members of law enforcement are not subject to the same restrictions as the general public, and could still purchase them as well.

Magpul is threatening to pull up stakes and leave the state all together.  They've launched an all out assault on the state legislature, taking out full page ads in local papers threatening to leave, claiming that the proposed state law would force them out, when it does no such thing at all.

If you're going to leave, Magpul, just be honest about it.   Stop trying to manipulate people by lying about what this law would actually do.


  1. wow! I've read some of the stories, but not all...and all are astounding, aren't they?! I guess right now I'm still so mad at that racist guy that that is what sticks out for me!! Hope he rots in jail for quite some time.

  2. I am surprised the baby slapper wasn't also charged with child abuse. Crazy. The rest is crazy too. We live in a weird world!


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