Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the I can do this twice because it's my blog edition

Turns out that being prematurely pissy hasn't improved my outlook on Tuesday.  So, in an unprecedented move, I'll be pissed off twice this week.  How do you like them apples?

Dead Snipers and Murdering Kidnappers
Two major news stories this week have involved horrible stories of gun violence.  Chris Kyle, a former SEAL and sniper, was shot and killed at a firing range by another veteran suffering from PTSD, Eddie Ray Routh.  Another former SEAL, Brandon Webb was shot and killed too.  All three of these men served their country, all three of these men were trained to kill others.  Kyle has worked to rehabilitate vets suffering from PTSD, and died at the hands of one of those very men he was trying to help.  A few things here need to be addressed.  

Should veterans suffering from PTSD have access to weapons?  Even in the somewhat safer and more supervised setting of a firing range, two highly trained men were killed.  Routh had been under treatment at the VA for mental health problems for over two years.  Why was he out there?   Why was he allowed out there?  I don't presume to have answers here, but I think it's glaringly obvious that we, as a nation, need to do a better job dealing with acclimating veterans back to civilian life, treating their PTSD and other mental disorders, treating the effects of traumatic brain injures and helping them sufficiently so things like this don't keep happening. 

The other leading story in the news involved a man with a violent past, who still was able to own guns, who took the life of a bus driver and kidnapped a child, hiding him underground in a bunker for six days.  Jimmy Lee Dykes was known to be violent, was known to be a menacing figure, and people who lived around him were terrified.   He beat a dog to death for stepping foot on his property and fired his gun at a woman and her grandchildren.  He was due in court this week for those charges.  Why was he still allowed to possess weapons?  

When are we going to wake up?  When? When are we going to realize that allowing weapons to be in the hands of violent, unstable people results in the deaths of innocents?  When?  When are we going to actually start doing something to treat mental illness in this country?  When?   

The Violence Against Women Act
8 Senators voted against it.  Here they are.  

The law, which will pass both the House and Senate with sweeping bipartisan support, extends additional protections to illegal immigrants, partners in same sex domestic violence situations and women living on American Indian Reservations.  Apparently, those  women aren't deserving of the protection of the law in the eyes of eight Senators. 

You should be angry.  I hope you are. 

Homophobia & our right as a society to demand better
Yeah, this is about the Boy Scouts.  Again.  They have opened up for public comment on whether they should reverse their policy excluding LGBT members and leaders.  Any change they may make to the national policy on this will still allow church sponsored packs and troops to exclude gays at their discretion.

Want to hate on the gays, fine....just find a troop that agrees with you.  It's not hard.  Most of them are sponsored by churches that agree on that point.  Give the rest of us a chance to include everyone though.  

I hope they reverse the policy.  In reality, very little about the operation of the Troop my son is in will change because we chose a troop affiliated with an inclusionary church intentionally.   I feel like less of a hypocrite because of that, and also because we've talked about this issue at length with our son.  Our son, who happens to have friends with two moms and sees absolutely nothing wrong with it, by the way.

Scouting is important, and teaching a child to make a fire, paddle a canoe or shoot an arrow has nothing to do with sexual preference.

In an ideal world, they would drop the ban on atheists too. Someday.  Baby steps, right?

The Dark Side of the Super Bowl
Are you ready to be vastly disgusted by the things that happen in the world?  If not, brace yourselves.

I can't really say anything to sugarcoat that or make it better. 

Thanks for humoring me, and letting me be pissed off two days in a row.



  1. The part about the Superbowl and the prostitutes? It makes me want to set something on fire.

  2. Thanks Kelly for talking about real issues. Some I don't want to hear about but am so glad that I read about. I don't know if that makes sense. Regardless, love that you speak your mind. <3

  3. ALL of it makes me want to set stuff on fire :-/

    I actually had a woman lawyer defending the VAWA as it stands right now as being completely adequate and suitable. You know I call bullshit on that. We need protection for ALL women. All of them, not some of them because certain individuals and lawmakers disagree with their lifestyle or are racist assholes.

  4. So, in my house we use humor to make everything more bearable. Son's joke yesterday was that the lights went out because that's when the rich white dudes where getting their sex trafficked goods.Yeah. We're a little twisted but we have to be to keep from hating the whole dumb world.

  5. Gross. Just gross. Gross everything; gross politics, gross gun laws, gross superbowl. i hate it all. Gah.

  6. On Chris Kyle - They took a disturbed man, granted a veteran one, to a gun range. That's like taking an alcoholic to a bar. It is. It's the perfect analogy. PTSD is an anxiety disorder, just like mine, except that it's brought on by specific stress accociated with war trauma. Routh shouldn't have been anywhere near a gun. His father had threatened to sell Routh's gun the day before. Chris Kyle is a hero, and a bad ass, but now a dead hero and bad ass because he was momentarily a dumb ass. He will be missed but mentally ill people and guns are like matches and gasoline.

    On the domestic vilence bill, rightwingers don't want their names near anything that has to do with immigrants or gays. Paul and Rubio want to be President in 2016. They know what happened to Hillary Clinton on Iraq and Mitt Romney on healthcare and those people aren't President.


    godo post. I like how topical you are

    1. I totally agree about that. If anyone should have known the danger, it should have been him. That mistake in judgment cost him his life. Sad.


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