Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I will try

Life is not fair.

Sometimes really terrible things happen to people for no ascertainable reason. 

We do nothing to deserve them.  

We do nothing to bring them on.  

We can do nothing to avoid them. 

Nothing can make it better. 

Nothing can make it right.

There is no answer that is without pain, without loss, without risk.

Life is far more complicated than it ever seems to the rest of the world.  

We all have our tragedies.  

We all have our demons.  

We all suffer.

It's not fair.

Some do it for the world to see.  

Some do it quietly.  

Some know that to involve other people would only increase their suffering and so they keep it in. 

Sometimes it's easier to do it alone.

Sometimes it seems like no one understands. 

Sometimes the best you can hope for is to make it through this breath.  

Then the next.  

Worry about tomorrow when you get there.

I will try to fix you.


  1. Pain and grief is very personal and I can relate to whomever you are thinking about in the above poem. I keep many details of my life close and quiet. They are mine and a group effort to process them is counter intuitive to the way my brain works. Still, if it helps your friend, let them know there is no right way to go through something as long as they keep moving through it and ask for help when they feel a bit stuck in the muck.

  2. Hugs to you, big huge ginormous hugs.

  3. That was beautiful. Hope you all are okay now.


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