Friday, January 4, 2013

Secret Subject Swap

Today, 16 brave bloggers will take on a challenge, and write about a subject submitted by someone else.  My patent inability to refuse such challenges means that I'm at the mercy of a fellow blogger, yet again.  

My challenge was this, submitted by My Brain on Kids :

write an ode to your favorite era

Here goes...

Now, I'm fairly certain that this topic was conjured up with the vision that whoever was assigned it would discuss the 80s, or whichever decade they were a child in.  I tend to think we all hold a bit of nostalgia for the era of our youth.

I'm not going to write about that.  

I could.  I mean, I love the 80s.  Don't get me wrong.  The neon and the hair and the cheesy music.  I love all that.  But it's not my favorite.

My favorite time ever was in the mid-late 90's.  

I'll describe it for you.  

Let's take a journey.

In between adolescence and adulthood, there is this magical place called college.

In college, you can eat cereal at every meal.  

In college, you can decide how early you're willing to be required to be anywhere.  There's a reason the 8am classes always have space available.

In college, you can still sleep through your first class.

In college, you may even sleep during your classes.   I may have slept through an entire chemistry lecture once.

In college, you can get lost in the library, then get freaked out by the ghost stories you've been told.

In college, you can pull an all-nighter and not look like the walking dead the next day.

In college, you will become friends with anyone who has a car.

In college, you can withdraw from a class you are destined to fail.

In college, your parents can't check your grades.

In college, they hand out free stuff everywhere.  T-shirts, stickers, condoms. For free.

In college, you learn crazy traditions.  You follow the band and you kick the pole.  Dammit, you kick the pole.  You always kick the goddamn pole, and if you don't, it's your fault if the team loses.  Shout out to my SC peeps.

In college, you learn to sit near trees on sunny days, or run the risk of being trampled by frisbee catchers. 

In college, you build time into your schedule to sit next to your favorite fountain every day.

In college, you make friends you will keep forever.

In college, you meet some real freaky people.

In college, you will know a guy who is always stoned.

In college, you will drink beverages mixed in bathtubs and trash cans.

In college, you're gonna hurt yourself when drunk at least once.

In college, you will end up on a roof at some point.

In college, when a guy in the band has a crush on a girl, at least 10 members of the band show up to help serenade her.

In college, you get stuck in an elevator with half the people on your floor.

In college, you laugh at the guy passed out in the girl's bathroom. 

In college, you sneak your boyfriend into your dorm.  Every other weekend.

In college, you know that when your roommate calls you at work and asks what you're doing that afternoon, you're ditching class and meeting her at the pool.

In college, you spend a lot of time at the pool.  You also spend a lot of time at the gym and eating pizza. Those two things may be related.

In college, you aren't responsible for anyone but yourself.  And that's debatable.

In college, you work your ass off, never sleep, get it all done and love every single second of it.

I want to go back to college.  Who's coming with me???

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. I very much would like to be serenaded by an entire band.

  2. I'll come with you, I would love the carefee and irresponsible life of a college student. I had no worries back then, life was grand.

  3. OMG do I ever want to go back to college!
    I was a late starter after being a very troubled adolescent. I dropped out of high school, got my GED, went to junior college at 21 and got a scholarship to university at 23. I was like "Mother Hen" to all the 18 year olds in the dorm. I had spent the few years prior paying my own bills, living in my apt, was so nice to let the scholarship pay for school and the loan pay for the dorm and just be a chick in my young adulthood, looking out for me. I conquered a lot of my demons in college. I grew quicker in the last 3 years than all the years of my life put together. I have amazing memories and what I wouldn't give to just go back and experience it one more time. Thanks for making me nostalgic!!

  4. OMG, what a perfect time to pick. I'm sure I'd love to go back to college. Too bad I'm too old to remember those days. Or maybe the reason I can't remember has nothing to do with my age . . .

  5. I totally want to come with you. I loved my college days so so so much. Great post, mama!

  6. Oh, mememememememe!!! I loved college. Although my body can not pull off any of that shit any longer. I use to party until the bars closed, come home and bang out a 10 page essay in Spanish and then sleep for 45 minutes and hit my first class. Now, I have a few glasses of wine and I'm screwed for three or four days. What the hell? Youth is wasted on the young!
    Tracy @ Momaical

  7. I loved my college days too!! Thanks so much for bringing back fond memories!

  8. *raises hand* Can I go with you? I, sadly, never had that college experience. *writes down a note to write a pity-me blog*. I wanted it, got accepted into a university, but it just wasn't in the card. So I'll come with you and I shall kick the pole, and I shall drink the drinks mixed in the tub and trash can and we shall be young and free!

    *lopes arm around your arm and skips merrily toward this drunken oasis*

  9. I loved college too! A lot of your happy memories were mine as well. I do remember regretting those morning classes. We had parties just to cash in the cans the next day to make more garbage pail punch. How did we make it out alive? Good times.

  10. I wish I could say the same things about college but sadly it wasn't as fun and exciting as yours! Great job hun! Loved what you with the prompt!

  11. Love it! And I just wrote about how I still do shit I did in college ;-) Hehehe!

  12. Hahaha ~ yes, ending up on the roof and hurting yourself while being drunk at least once is an absolute college staple!

    Loved college ~ I would be a full time student if it didn't seem so weird! :)


  13. I probably should stop eating cereal for every meal...I am almost 40. I miss those years too. Before kids and mortgage payments and broken car parts...and bills.

  14. I want to go back to college, but not where I went to college. I went to Lord Valdemort College (the school that cannot be named). Most people lived very close and went home every weekend and consequently I spend an awful lot of time by myself, not drunk. I want a redo!

    For some reason, my head tried to put this to the tune of the song "Cars". It didn't work too well...

  15. That actually sounds like fun! I didn't get to go to college because I got pregnant right out of high school. It sounds like I missed out! My college years were not that fun. Community college with whining, screaming kids to greet me when I get home and don't get me started on trying to do homework while small children used my body as a jungle gym.


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