Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the this has to stop happening edition

Rampaging Gunmen
Seriously, this has to stop.  We need to gather ourselves, grieve for the most recent tragedy, then do what we always say we will do, but never do...which is address the real reasons why things like this are happening with greater frequency.  We can't do what we've done before, which basically amounts to being sad for a designated amount of time, then arguing with each other, then throwing up our hands because we can't agree and walking away until it happens again.    

Trolls, Blameshifters and Smug People
This didn't happen because teachers aren't armed.  (Incidentally, who wants to live in that world?)  This didn't happen because prayer isn't allowed in schools.  I can promise you that those who wanted to or needed to pray were doing just that.  I refuse to buy into the idea that any God I believe in would punish innocent children because of the separation of church and state in our country.  I also refuse to put up with people telling me I am crazy for pointing this out. 

I take issue with all the people out there in the land of the internet who declared that however they were processing this event was the proper way.  We all react and respond to situations like this differently. Some of us reach out, some of us take it as a chance to do something better in our lives, some of us hole up and shut it away.  Some of us write.  Some of us paint.  Some of us write letters to our representatives.  Some of us pray.  Some of us scream and cry.  Some of us crave laughter.

And you know what???

That is okay.  Grieve how you grieve.  Process how you process.  Just don't tell me or anyone else that they are doing it wrong.

The Apocalypse
I have plans after the 21st, including two parties, and I'd like to go.  I really like parties.  Especially when they are at someone else's house and I don't have to clean mine.

There's that whole Christmas thing too, and I'm done shopping.  Seems like a waste if it all goes up in flames in a few days.  We could at least let the kids open their presents first.  Jeez.

I have something big planned for Christmas.  Really big.  Maybe someday I'll write about how big and important it is, and how I'm ridiculously nervous about it.  Maybe if we all survive to the end of the week.

Kids who sign up for shit
My son is at school enjoying a holiday brunch with half the 6th graders in his school.  Kids were encouraged to bring something to contribute.  My kids never sign up for napkins.  Never. 

He wanted to bring scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese.  He just assumed I would make all this food for him.  A pound of ground sausage, two dozen eggs and a bag of cheese later, he took the food he had so clearly signed up for to school.  

Just once, I'd like to be assigned napkins.  Just once.

Be very specific
When you ask your husband to wake you up in the morning, you should specify how you'd like to be woken up.  May even want to specify how you would NOT like to be woken up.  Just for future reference.

Don't give your wife a heart attack
While you're out doing some naughty holiday shopping, do not send your wife a text message that accidentally includes an extra 0 in the dollar amount spent.  



  1. I'm pissed about a lot of the same things you are, especially the first two...

    I don't know if you watch "Raising Hope", but there was a very funny episode about them getting ready for the so called apocalypse that didn't happen on Friday. :-) I don't think the world would end on a Friday anyway.

    Were they cooking the food for the brunch? To me that seems strange that they would have eggs and sausage. Most things like that I've been to have been more like muffins and scones! Interesting.

  2. YES! I wholeheartedly agree with you!

    Also, stop the hating! Everyone has such hardcore hatred to spew at people who think differently than they do right now and it's just nauseating. We need to love all up on one another, not add to the anger.

  3. I never get napkins either. And the smaller baboo will ride herd on me until I make his item. He is CERTAIN I will forget, even though I have NEVER forgotten and always have an assignment. I have to tell him we can't make pumpkin pie a week early. Then I showed up to a bunch of store bought pies! Mine had turkeys cut-outs for F sake!!! Ok, this was your rant, sorry. What you said.


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