Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Other Fantasy Islands

I wrote about my male island earlier, but knew from the beginning that there would be others.

I present to you, some of the rest.

All-Girl Island

1) Zooey Deschanel.  She's quirky and weird, she's gorgeous and has the brightest blue eyes ever.  She gets a ticket to the island.

2) Charlize Theron.  I kinda can't stand her personality, but you've seen the Dior commercials. Holy hotness.  I might force her into silence, but she can come.

3) Janet Jackson.  Anytime, anyplace.  Her 1993 album might just be the sexiest group of songs in the known world.  And the cover.  Oh, the cover.

4) Fiona Apple.  I've been a bad, bad girl.  Her voice alone could keep me sane.

5) Megan Fox.  Because she's Megan Fox.

My Dork Island

1) Stan Lee.  Dude rocks.

2) Lynda Carter.  We would dress up like Wonder Woman together and save the world.

3) Sheldon Cooper.  No, not Jim Parsons.  Sheldon Cooper.

4) Neil Patrick Harris.  Love me some NPH, have since he was Doogie Howser.  Love him even more now.

5) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, dressed as Batman.  Please, lord, make them make these movies.

Make Me Laugh Island

1) Jimmy Fallon.  Genius.

2) Daniel Tosh.  Only if we have an internet connection.  I'm pretty sure he's the one person who spends more time surfing Reddit than me.

3) Conan O'Brien.  I love this giant ginger.  Team Coco 4-eva.  He's bringing the jeggings.

4) Jon Stewart.  Someone has to tell me what is going on in the rest of the world.

5) Louis C.K.  Because he's flipping hilarious.


  1. Great lists! My list must have already have been a dork list. Almost everyone on it has been in a superhero movie. Weird? Nah.

    I LOVE Conan O'Brien... he is SUCH a funny guy. I take a lot of my comedic inspiration from him.

  2. Nice list!!! I've recently become infatuated with Jimmy Fallon. LOL

  3. I call bullsh*t. My name is MARIANNE for chrissakes! I so deserve to be on the island.

    Just kidding - LOVE your lists & reasoning.

  4. I want to live on your dork island!!! But don't you think Fiona Apple would tear Meghan Fox apart? lol

  5. Booking passage to Dork Island please!
    The girls would kill me in seconds and the funny Island would require me to do laundry. ;)
    I think I'll stick with my people. :)
    Wishing you an amazing New Year filled with love & fabulous opportunities! xo

  6. I'm with Mama Pants - Fiona would slice Megan apart...

    I love that album of Janet's though. Hot HOT.

  7. Did you see Louis DK doing Lincoln doing stand up on SNL?

    One of the funniest things on SNL ever.

  8. YES! I just commented on man island and am SO glad to find some of my votes here. And I totally forgot about Louis CK! YES YES YES! I think you just inspired me to write another WTF Crush post because he is SO on there.

    Also, let me go on the record to say that I would leave my husband for Zooey. ;)

  9. What a fun post to write! Maybe one day I'll try it out for size. I'm a Theron girl myself. She's so hot. ;)


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