Saturday, December 8, 2012

Like the dinosaur that I am...

I am taking a short break from addressing my Christmas cards.  My hand is cramping up, and I am waiting on some addresses from people that I should already have them for, but don't.

I skipped cards last year for all kinds of reasons, and was really okay with it.  Then my husband, in his infinite wisdom, decided that we should do them again this year.

And by we, I of course mean ME.

He had the idea for the pictures and all, but he's not the one designing the cards, hand addressing a bajillion envelopes, tracking people down.  He didn't have to wait in line at the post office for 30 minutes with a beast child so that the stamps would be the cute Christmas ones.

We sure are I sure am doing this again.

He is off in the garage tinkering at the moment, far away from all writing instruments and pre-pasted envelopes that need licking.  He's a smart man.

He came in at one of the worst times he could have.  I'd gone through four consecutive pages in my address book without addressing a card, and was frustrated.  Why?

1.  I didn't have the right address for someone.  Would you people stop moving all the damn time?  Seriously.  I can't keep up with this crap, especially since I took a year off from my updating.

2. It was some former friend or acquaintance that doesn't deserve a card anymore.  A few that I hate with a passion unlike anything I've ever identified in my life.

3. Those people were divorced now.

4. They were dead.

I sighed heavily as he walked in the door and told him that if anyone asked what I need or want for Christmas, I need a new address book.  This one is over ten years old and full of memories of a life I don't exactly have anymore.  Full of people who aren't here anymore, whether through the natural growing apart process, through death or through betrayal.

He laughed a little, not having any idea why I was really frustrated.  Gave me the healthy dose of the perspective I needed.

Reminded me what a crotchety old fart I am rapidly becoming.

Said I should just keep all this stuff online.

He's correct, of course, but I'm a dinosaur.  I have a love affair with paper and pens.  I crave lists that I can cross things off of.  I actually like to handwrite things.

Yes, I have a blog and a ton of online pages I support.  I do.  I am an internet presence, on the computer all the time. However, I like having an address book where I can keep all the people who matter the most to me in one tactile place.

Get off my lawn.

We've I've got a pile of cards to address.


  1. Love this. There's a certain nostalgia in hand-written anythings these days <3

  2. I have been saying I'm going to put my addresses on the computer for about four years now. Yep, have been addressing my cards by hand all week while looking at my mangled, crossed out and rewritten address book.

    1. We can be.dinosaurs together. Really fabulous dinosaurs.


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