Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the election edition

The Impending Popular Vote Conundrum
Soon, the election will be over.  

I have this sneaking suspicion that it won't really be over for weeks or months though, as recounts are just about a guarantee and lawsuits akin to the Bush v. Gore variety may be looming.  

This is one of those years where the popular vote and the electoral college may disagree.  Then there will be calls to invalidate the electoral college and uproar and all that.  Except that the founders of our country were some pretty smart dudes.  The interests of the general public tempered by the interests of the states.  We don't really work off a majority rule here, and for valid reasons, most of which have to do with notions like tyranny.  

I've written about the tyranny of the majority several times.  It's one of the topics that speaks the most to my soul as a citizen of this nation, and as a student of it's laws.  

Time will tell, I guess.  

Tick tock. Tick tock.  

Still holding out somewhat irrational hope that the race isn't as close as they say...

Political Ads
I heard on the news that over a billion dollars was spent on political ads this election season, just in the Presidential race alone.  A BILLION dollars.  I could think of about a billion ways that money could have been put to better use than in misleading political ads designed to sway a handful of undecided voters.

The ones directly created and paid for by the campaigns are bad enough, but the others?  The ones sponsored by PACs and other sham organizations that exist only to push the agendas of a handful of people with too much money on their hands?  Those are just plain egregious.  

I so wish that people could tease out the truth and the lies, that there was more transparency required with these ads.  If people knew who was actually funding them and what they stood to gain from brainwashing voters, maybe they'd be more skeptical.  Maybe.  

My Crazy Neighbors
I have an asshole cat.  I know this. We have tried and tried and tried to keep him in the house.  But he's a cat.  And cats like to go outside.

So much that he literally attacks me every time I go near the door if I'm trying to keep him in, and meows at me in a very-pissed-off-cat-voice for hours on end.  

Anyway, he goes out.  He knows where he lives, he knows how to get in and out of the house.  He has all his shots, a collar and cat lo-jack.  Not kidding, he went trick or treating with us.  Followed us around the neighborhood.  

None of this bothers me or my husband.  

My neighbors, however, omg.

We've had three of them (THREE) call in the last week to tell us they'd taken him in and he was lost.  That he was crying and lonely.  

How about this?  He's a cat.  And he's an asshole.  And he wants attention.

Cats love baths.
One of the crazy neighbors walked him home. Look lady, the cat just walked you directly to our house.  He wasn't lost, he just wanted to fuck with you.   He took you on a walk.   He's FINE.  And he clearly knows where he lives.  

Ignore him or stop calling me.  

Paid Off Cars
So, almost two years ago, when we had ONE payment left on the van, we were in a major accident.  On the way back to California for Christmas, we hit a patch of black ice.  The semi in front of us jack-knifed and we hit hard.  One payment.

Talk about scrambling.  

I don't recommend getting in a major accident two days before Christmas in another state.

The van was repaired eventually, though it took nearly 18 months to get it right.  The work needed re-done several times.  It's been frustrating to say the least.

Then, last week, we took it in for the 100,000 mile service.  Which cost as much as three car payments used to.  

Let me tell you, these paid off cars are overrated.

It had better run forever, until the day I drive it into the desert and abandon it.  


  1. HA! Cats are such dicks.
    And holy shit, only ONE payment left? Good grief, Murphey with his damn law is also a dick.

  2. Ok I'm right there with you! Our cat is a female who looks exactly like your asshole cat! I've heard horror stories about people who are on their way to the post office to make their last car payment when they're in an accident. I'm sick to death of political commercials and I couldn't agree more with your prediction that this election will linger on and there will be controversy over popular vote vs. electoral college forever.

    Great blog!!

  3. I can't count the number of times people have "rescued" my cats. Seriously. Maybe because I'm in Arizona, and we get the snow birds migrating here from where ever they come from every winter. But it happens every damn winter that my cats end up in someone else's house. Asshole cats. Stupid snow birds. Ugh.


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