Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Photo Challenge Contest!!!

The more of these challenges I do, the more amazing pictures are submitted and the harder it gets for me to narrow the field down.  Here are my 25 favorite shots.  There is only one shot per person, so it was even harder to pick among those who submitted several great photos.  

Here are the rules:
- You can vote once, for as many entries as you would like to choose.  You are encouraged to get your friends to vote for you for this reason!!!
- The poll is on the left hand margin of the blog.
- The contest will close at 10 a.m. MST on December 8, 2012.
- The main prize for the contest has been graciously sponsored by Suburban Haiku!  In the next week, I'll be rounding up some more goodies for the box as well.  

Here are the best of the best!

1 Buzz, Emma Capra

2. Angel, Musings of Munch

3. So fancy, Distracted Mommy

4. Electric, Dave Ewing

5. Sisters, Ginger Park

6. Tall grass, It's a Dome Life

7. Fall Splendor, Laura Capra

8. Four Generations, Baking in a Tornado

9. Spooky, Tanya Guffey

10. Capturing childhood, Kristen Bason

11. Falling water, Maria Ostroski

12.  Up, The Sadder But Wiser Girl

13.  Unbroken, Sarah Rose

14. Storm, Michelle Lumpkin

15. Nourish, Courtney Adams

16. Bravery (she's the one hanging on the right), Susanne Nelson

17. Colors, Love Art Baby

18. Rescued, Tiffany Gomollon

19. Moo, the crumb diaries

20. Busy Bizzy, Keep Me Company Pet Sitting

21. Joy, Lisa Evans

22. Reflection. Tracy Moore

23. Sunset, Katie Isaacson

24. Tahoe, Jennifer Maidl

25. Higher, Michelle Michael


  1. Wow! These are some great choices. Thanks for including me. I can't figure out how to vote from my phone, but I'll be back in the morning!

  2. Amazing pictures,each in it's own way and for it's own reason. This was so much fun, Kelly!

  3. The poll isn't showing up. I vote for #22 Reflections.

  4. I love all of these photos, especially Joy! How cool is that statue?! Thank you for including my photo! I will be sure to spread the word!

  5. Thank you so much for choosing one of my shots (#22)for this photo challenge!! I'm so excited!! I'm not sure how anyone will choose from all these beautiful and diverse shots!
    Good luck everybody!

  6. They're all great, but I love #12!

  7. I vote for 22. Gorgeous photo! :) All the photos are great.

  8. Simply gorgeous! How do you decide? Plus, several of my friends have submitted pictures! But, I'm voting...


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