Monday, November 12, 2012

Bits of randomness

You Know It Happens At Your House Too is at it again, challenging us blogger folk to write some stuff.   Since I asked for topics this week on my Facebook page, and mostly received requests for stories about boobs, sex and blow jobs, I'll cop out on that and do YKIHAYHT's challenge.

I am writing about the doll though, just not today.

Anyway, YKIHAYHT wants me to share my weirdness with you.  She wants me to tell you all some of the random things that make me the odd duck I am.

I actually posted about this on fan page a few days ago too, telling everyone the following:

1. I got kicked out of Catholic school

2. I make my own beer

3. I can juggle

There's more weirdness to me, if you all can handle more.

- I have irrational fears about injuring my fingers, toes and eyes.  No idea where it comes from.

- Double jointed people freak me right out.  Probably something to do with the irrational fear above.

- Sharks, spiders, snakes, scorpions, bees - all fine.  Eels scare the crap out of me.

- I've been scuba diving.  I looked like a black stuffed sausage in the wetsuit.  Seriously, if you ever want to laugh your ass off, hang out by the tourist scuba diving training pool and watch people try to put those on.

- I was on a dorky kids trivia show.  No photographic evidence exists.  Those of you that have photographic evidence better keep it that way.  For reals.

- I am almost legally blind without correction.

- I have never in my life done a pull-up....but I used to be able to bench press more than all the guys in 8th grade.  True story.

- I bake a bajillion cookies at Christmas and never eat any of them.

- I've been pulled over for speeding three times and talked my way out of a ticket every time.  Even got a phone number once.

I think that's enough weirdness for now.

Your turn....tell me about you!


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! I bake like Betty Crocker at Christmas too, except I eat it. Then I pull out my elastic pants. Great job!!!

  2. Great job. Hope you do another one of these soon, I love learning more about the people I interact with daily but have never met!

  3. I have never successfully talked my way out of a ticket. And at one point I had so many, I had to go to traffic school to clear some points off my record. I'm a good driver. I just like to go fast.


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