Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 - Friends

I am not quite sure what I envisioned when I chose this theme for the challenge, but I knew this morning what I was going to pick.

These ladies.  Oh, these ladies.


I met them all in less than an hour on stuffy summer afternoon 18 years ago, as we carried boxes of treasure down long strange hallways.  We were new to all of this.

Freshman year in the dorms.

Kim, the best roommate ever.  I learned how to yell in Cantonese, that I will never be able to out-eat her and that she can make anyone laugh at any time.  She has the most adorable parents in the known world and will drive her cars until they die.  She has twin little boys, and I still cannot believe that she is a mom. Cool beans, girl.  Cool beans.

Shannon, the Jersey Girl who fell in love with SoCal, even if no one knows what you're talking about when you call for pizza and ask for pie.  She is insanely cool and artsy and a media mogul in the making.  She has flair and passion for everything, and is so far beyond a genuinely happy person.  She has an amazing family and quite possibly the hippest daughter in the universe.

Blythe, my sister from another mother.  The island girl who came to hang with us mainlanders for a while.  She's wicked smart, she's the most down to earth person you'll ever meet.  She is mellow all the time, unless she's hungry.  Watch out now.  She's known around these parts as Auntie Blythe.  She's part of my soul, 5,000 miles away.

Squishy face.
Kim, Me, Blythe, Shannon
Ed DeBevic's - 1996
A few days after that crazy car accident on the way to SoCal, I realized we were all in the same general area for a little bit.  I circled the wagons and hauled ass to Orange County just to sit around a table with these amazing people for a while.

Me, Shannon, Kim (and the twins!), Blythe
December, 2010
Be careful who you meet in college, they just might end up sticking around forever.  xoxo

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