Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Day Holiday Photo Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 - Hope

There are so many things that I could choose for this theme. So many ways I could choose to interpret it.  So many ways I could relate it to specific people in my life.

There are so many things I am hopeful for.

I hope to grow old with my husband and to live out our dream of buying a condo in some thriving downtown area, where we can walk to the theater and restaurants and little quaint shops and coffee houses.

I hope to see my children thrive and live happy, healthy lives.  I hope they find their passions in this world and chase them.  I hope they find love and build their own families someday, however that seems right for them.

I hope for cures for diseases, I hope for finding ways to avoid them in the first place someday.  I hope for a tolerant society full of the beauty of diversity. I hope for bigger things like peace and tiny ones like mornings without low blood sugar issues.

I hope for new chances.  I hope for second ones.  I hope for new chances to do it right.  I hope for do-overs.

I hope for a new start, every day.

First, we need a new day to have a chance.

This is the sunrise from just outside my neighborhood.  The sun sets over the mountains here, making for some spectacular sights. It rises over the long and reaching plains, slower and more gradually than it sets.

The cirrostratus clouds in the sky here, a warning of a coming storm, set fire to the morning.

The sun goes to bed every night, but it promises to rise the next morning and give us one more shot to do it better.

Without this, what would be the point of hope?

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