Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Day Holiday Photo Challenge - Day 21

Day 21 - Important

I chose the picture for today because it's something that I've been making a more conscious effort to do.

Normally, I am the one taking the pictures.  My role as mother dictates that, sure, but since I'm also the so-called photographer, it is magnified.

I realized a while ago that all those pictures I take were missing something.  Missing someone.

They were missing me.

I have to be honest.  It wasn't always an oversight.  I avoided being on the other side of the lens.  Afraid of what the picture would look like, unsure whether I could stand to look at myself, terrified of ruining an otherwise great shot with me.

If there's one thing that losing a parent does, it makes you realize that all that stuff is stupid.  Those reasons are selfish.

Your kids want pictures of you.  They want pictures with you.  Your family and friends want pictures of you.  You should too.

Those pictures are important.

Even if it means sometimes you have two chins or funky hair.  Even if it means that most of the pictures that include you are taken from arm's length with a cell phone camera.

This is me and my boy, on my first day as a soccer coach.

Not too shabby.


  1. And you look great!

    I know exactly what you mean about the losing a parent thing. I think about it all the time when I take pictures. Of everybody.

    1. It's a perspective changer....you know. Sending you my love for today and for Thursday. xo

  2. Soooo true! Just today my girls and I were selecting new pictures to put in picture frames. One said, "there aren't any picture of you". Some of it is avoidance on my part. But I also reminded them that they (10 and 12) also have cameras and could take pictures anytime they want!

  3. You are gorgeous! I was looking through pictures about a month ago and realized I could pretty much count on one hand the number of pictures I'd been in with Simon since he was born. I didn't even take a single picture with him in the hospital. :( I feel really guilty about it now, because I know how much I loved looking at pictures of my family when I was growing up. So I've made a conscious effort to hand off my camera to Josh and to actually be in the frame. I hate being in pictures still, but I'm hoping it will make my kids happy.


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