Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the Halloween edition

Being Over Committed
This one is totally my fault, and I know that.  Most of the time, I can manage just fine....but then days like today show up and I make a list of all the stuff I need to get done and it seems just about impossible.  On top of all that, I have to write two more posts today.  One for a friend that I promised like forever ago, and the intro post for the photo challenge.  Maybe I can do it in my sleep.  I should look into that.  

I won't even tell you all how much I have to do today, because it's that cray-cray.

And yet, I'm here right now.  Because I so clearly have time for this.

Yummy Trash
My dog and I are having a severe disagreement right about now, and I'm ready to just send him to the moon.  At least three times in the last week, he's gotten into the trash and spread it all over the house.  It would help if my son actually took the trash out when he was supposed to.  For sure.  Mostly, though, the dog has just decided that whatever is in the trash can has to be a better option than his dog food - which he has almost completely ignored for a few weeks now.  

I love getting up every morning and picking up chewed up shit that I already threw away.  Love it.  It is my favorite.  

The Scientifically Ignorant
Yeah, you're right. There's totally no such thing as global warming.  The polar ice is melting for no particular reason.  Storms are increasing in size and destruction just because.  Hurricanes make landfall in NYC every year when it's almost November.  Experienced meteorologists said they've never seen a hurricane that brought winter storm warnings too.  But that must all be just random chance.  Right?  Global warming is a hoax.  (eyeroll)

I don't think a caption is necessary.
Please, tell me more about how lucky you must be because God saved you.  I guess that must mean that all the people who died were heathens, right?  

I had to ask my son and his friend on the way to school how their middle school science teachers are discussing the hurricane.  My son's teacher brought up everything about polar ice melt, rising seas, global warming, the combination of several systems.  His friend's teacher said nothing about global warming.  I told him he should ask her about that.  

It never takes long for "biblical scholars" to start blaming weather catastrophes like this on homosexuality, like somehow God is punishing half the Eastern seaboard because of gay people.  It couldn't possibly be weather becoming more severe over time....nooooooo.  It's the gays.  

It's totally the gays.

Before we start throwing around blame for forces of nature, could we at least save the people from drowning and get the power back on?  I don't think that's too much to ask.

Save lives, then blame the gays.  Mmmmkay?


  1. It's really not funny but I had to laugh cause I am SO with you. Lets all ignore reality and blame the people who are different from us. Sure that's the way to go.

  2. Dude. Did you sleep in my head last night? Could you imagine if meteorologists were actually biblical scholars? They'd be all bogus an' whatnot because earth hasn't seen fire and brimstone since like pre-camera days. Where'd I leave my glock?

  3. Man, their god (small g because I'm snarky that way)is so flippin' vengeful and a bit of a homophobe, don't you think. Where's all that love and compassion?

    When the church gets scared they point fingers in accusations and avoid truth at all costs. I'm not sure what they are holding out for.

  4. Gotta love when religious EXTREMISTS talk about extreme weather. No wait, I don't. And I'm religious.

  5. Well...duh...of course it's the gays fault!


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