Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the I'm already pissed off edition

I'm pissed.  I am angry for all kinds of reasons that I don't write about here, even if the person and situation I am the most frustrated with accused me of being an attention seeking drama queen last night.

Oh, that's just playing with fire right there.

Consequently, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, and I'm grumpy.  Which makes today a fabulous day to have a ranty good time.

Lance Defenders
I get it.  Really, I do.  We all wanted him to be this amazing hero guy, not just because of the sports stuff, but because of the life stuff.  Trust me when I say that I wanted him to be that amazing hero guy as much as the next person, and probably even more.

He's not.

He's a slime ball. He has cheated and lied his way through life and the consequences are raining down on him now.  No one staunchly maintains their innocence for over a decade, then just one day throws up their hands and waves a white flag unless there is a damn good reason.  Did he pass the tests?  Yep...except for the one that he paid off the testing agency to cover up.  He passed them because his doctors were ahead of the tests.  I still can't honestly believe that there are people out there who think he rode clean.

He cheated, but so did everyone.  Difference being, he was the kingpin.  He was the superstar.  Then he used that fame to start an organization that has in large part deceived the public.  He hasn't raised money for cancer research in years.  Forget the fact that he left his wife and kids for a rock star, then left the rock star when she got sick.

I sincerely hope that he's saved some of that money he made, especially since so many of his endorsement deals came with bonuses for him riding clean.  Lawsuits are probably coming his way too.  Such a fall from grace....

Karma is a real bitch.

Insurance Companies
We live in a country where we want so desperately to believe that our medical system is altruistic.  That it exists to seek health for everyone.  That insurance covers us, promises to take care of us.  That we won't be denied because we have chronic issues or needs beyond the average patient.

Then we remember that this so-called altruistic system we think we have doesn't really exist.  Medicine is a business.  Insurance companies cover what they are mandated to cover by law.

As I wrote about last week, my son is being worked up for a possible diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes.  This means testing his blood at home frequently.  Our doctor happily handed us a shiny new meter for free.  The strips, though...they're gonna cost you.  And, oh yeah, by the way, insurance doesn't cover those.

Because they are really expensive.

Because the law doesn't require them to.

Even if they are the most direct way to keep him healthy.

The health care system doesn't do the right thing because it's supposed to or because it's ethically bound to protect the interests of patients.  They do it because they are forced to, or only because they will somehow profit from it.

You'd think that by now I would be used to the weather here, and for the most part I am.  You layer here for half the year, freeze for a quarter of it, and are roasted by the ball of fire in the sky for the rest.  This time of year can literally mean summer or the dead of winter.

Summery today, dead of winter by the end of the week.  Which is fine....but I've got a non-dead-of-winter Halloween costume and no fewer than 4 separate occasions to which I am compelled to wear said costume between Friday and Sunday.

It's not exactly the kind of costume that avails itself to layering.

I'm going to freeze my ass off.

Then I'm going to remember this for next year.

Poor Communicators
I am surrounded by these people.  The ones that forget what they are supposed to do, tell you about things at the very last minute.  The ones that assume everything will be fine, regardless of what they impose on you.  The people who have the information and neglect to share it until someone emails them six hundred times.

You'd think that in this digital age, people wouldn't be so terrible at it.  There's really no excuse for refusing to reply to an email that will take you 3 seconds that everyone already knows you got on your phone that you carry with you ever.single.place you ever go.

Mostly, I'm just impatient.

Assholes on TV
You know who this one is gonna be aimed at if you've paid attention to the news in the last 12 hours.  Ann Coulter, you make me sick.  I'd say what I think of you, but I'm a lady.

It's not just her though, it's anyone really who has access to the homes of millions of television viewers and lacks the discretion to use respect.  Both sides of the spectrum here.

It's harder to take any political commentary seriously when it's injected with intolerance and hate, with biases and assumptions.  You would hope that those with unfettered access to the masses would be a little more cognizant of the people in their audiences, and the people whom they are offending.

Not so much.


  1. DO NOT let the haters get you down, karma will take care of them in the long run. I wrote a post about insurance long ago, here's what I think: we're all naive! Do we really think we can give a bunch of money to a business then ask for some back and they're going to give it to us? Of course they're going to say "no", every chance they get. The whole system is absurd just from a logical standpoint. Oooh, thanks for letting me rant, now I feel better.


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