Monday, October 22, 2012

My Monday Afternoon Declaration

I'm tired and cranky.

I'm sick of political phone calls.  I know who I'm voting for, dammit, and you aren't about to change my mind.

I'm voting for Obama.

I try not to make this page super political for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that many of my friends in real life read this, and some of them are voting for the other guy.

Which is fine.  For them.

I have to think about what my opinions are before I share them a little more than most people because of the fact that I have a public persona.

And I may lose some fans for what I'm about to write.

Which is fine.  Ultimately.

These are my opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own.  I'm not going to try and sway anyone in any direction, that's not the point.  I'm voting for Obama, and this is why.

- Gay rights.   Obama had the balls to take down Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  I have friends who are in the military and are gay.  I have friends who work in every industry in the universe and that are gay.  I have a lot of gay friends.  They should be able to get married and adopt children and inherit property upon death and be entitled to insurance coverage and everything else that straight people automatically get.  This is the last widely accepted -ism, and there is only one party standing hand in hand with the GLBT community, pushing for equality.  Frankly, I was a little surprised that the party took this one on the way they did, adding it to the platform this year.  For the first time in a while, I'm proud of the Democrats.

- Women's rights.  Romney and his binders of women are a joke.  He would happily transport the nation back to a world where abortion was illegal, birth control was hard to get and women were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making him a sammich.  Abortion should be a resolved issue, and the president should have nothing to do with it. Yet in the last few years over 30 states have made abortions harder to obtain, and the president appoints Supreme Court justices.  Those cases float up and who do you want sitting there?  Someone litmus tested by a man who admits he would cut funding for Planned Parenthood?  No thanks.  I don't vote with my vagina...but I vote for it.  And for everyone else's.

- Health Care.  I'm gonna get uber liberal on you all now and talk about the fact that we are the only nation in the world who operates the way we do.  We spend a ton on health care, yet should be embarrassed by the percentage of people uninsured.  Our infant mortality rates are horrid.  Medical care should be a right, not a privilege extended only to those who's employers offer it and can afford it.  And no, emergency rooms aren't enough Romney....not to mention that burden on the system when hospitals are forced to deal with uninsured patients with treatable conditions that should have been seen sooner, and would have been seen sooner if they had been adequately insured.  Yes, I'm advocating for socialized medicine.  Yes, I have a background in public health.  And yes, I'll take on anyone who wants to argue with me on this issue.

- Foreign Relations.  Romney isn't even in control and already he's threatening our national security by making it obvious that he really doesn't know what he's talking about.  The debate tonight on foreign policy should be an interesting one.  Oh, and did I mention that part of the Republican platform this time around has to do with American Exceptionalism???  Let's just flip off the rest of the world and puff out our chest and tell everyone how bad-ass we are, then act all surprised when they don't want to sit at the discussion tables with us.

- The Economy.  Yeah, it sucks.  Everyone knows that.  Here's some things that suck less than they did a few years ago, though.  Foreclosure rates are down.  Houses are actually selling again and prices starting to rebound in most markets.  The stock market is back.  Completely back.  We're actually funding work on the infrastructure of this country that has been ignored and left to fall apart for way too long.  Those contracts mean jobs.  Romney and his cronies made millions shipping jobs overseas, and sit there now claiming that Obama is somehow to blame for that.  Corporate America is to blame for that, not the sitting president.  I think things are moving in the right direction, and there's no way on Earth I trust Romney to actually fight for the middle class on anything.

- Entitlements.  Do Medicare and Social Security need overhauled to stay solvent?  You bet your sweet ass they do.  Privatizing them, however, is a terrible idea.  We need leaders who are realistic about the number of people paying into and taking from the systems, we need to raise eligibility ages, we need to means test it. Means testing alone would keep Medicare solvent for another 70 years.  Sending a voucher to grandma to buy insurance that she still can't afford isn't a solution.

I could go on and on for days with this, but I won't.  These are my main reasons.  I don't honestly care if you agree with me or not.  I just sincerely hope that people will do their own research and educate themselves on the issues.  Then vote.

If you don't vote, no whining for the next four years.


  1. I have a son who's missing being able to vote by a very short margin. Trying so hard to he sure he understand how important it is to fully understand each candidate's stance on all issues. Unfortunately my vote never counts. My husband and I cancel each other out every time. Thinking of putting a little something in his dinner on election night . . .

  2. Brilliant, if I do say so myself. But then again,I agree with you. The debate ought to be entertaining tonight. Can't wait!

  3. I agree with you 1000% great post!!!

  4. Is it here, here or hear, hear? Because that's what I want to leave as a comment.

    Hi. Good blog. I decided I'm voting for BO, too.


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