Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I have a big head and little arms

Let me start this post by saying simply that I adore Cee-lo Green.  I do.  I loved him when he was part of Gnarls Barkley.  His voice is pure and rich and his control is precise.  Some of their best songs are actually the less popular ones, like this.

They are of course most famous for Crazy.  As a solo artist, he rode the huge wave to fame with his song Forget You, which isn't really Forget You at all.

His performance on the Grammy's, and the homage to old school Elton John was pure magic.

That song is most likely the one that landed him on the show The Voice, and it's there that I've really fallen in love with this strange little man.

His teeth are unnaturally white.  All the time.  Not only does he wear his sunglasses at night and indoors, his head practically swallows them whole.

About halfway through the first season, he really embraced the screw it mantra and started wearing pajamas to the set.  Satin pajamas.   If you haven't noticed, he doesn't even wear shoes.  Or slippers.  Just socks.

He's flat out lounging.  Like a boss.

When he really likes a singer, he starts kicking his little legs, rubbing his socked feet on the base of his chair.  If his feet are going and he's trying to clap his hands together, you know that person has made it on the show.

Then there is the jewelry, which at times could easily rival Flava Flav from back in the day.  The day he shows up with a giant clock around his neck, you know he's just throwing it down.

During the premier episode this year, he wore a ruffly long coat that spun out just so perfectly when he twirled.  And hell yeah, he twirled.  Of course he twirled.  Why wouldn't he twirl?!?!

I think my favorite accessory this season has been the parrot.  The parrot appears at completely random times with no explanation whatsoever, which just makes it more awesome.

What the hell?  Why is there a parrot on his shoulder?  Who brings a parrot to work?  It's so beautiful!!!  What does it mean???

The dude has a parrot.  On national TV.

What's not to love about him???

Somehow (and I'm really not sure how this works), he seems less desperate for attention than Christina's boobs.  That woman could single-handedly keep the double sided tape industry in business.  She's a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

It takes a lot of cleavage just to keep up with Cee-lo.


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