Thursday, October 4, 2012

I could really freak a person out....

I've been a little bit amazed lately at my ability to warp other people's minds.

I'm like The Brain over here, plotting to take over the world.

And seriously....shows like that need to be made again.  Pinky and the Brain?  Ren and Stimpy?  Animaniacs?  That's all just good stuff.

Sorry, showing my oldness again....

In all seriousness, I am completely messing with my husband.  And I'm trying to use my powers for good.  I warned a friend on Facebook yesterday that I could disturb her all the way though to her core if I wanted to.

Mwhaha.  Mwahahahahahahahahaha.

She was talking about some piece on NPR regarding DNA mapping and data storage and how that information would be used.  The whole big brother thing.

Then I says to myself....well, yeah. If you think that is bad, man could I tell you stories.  I've been around the block long enough to see some really scary stuff.  When you study a field like Bioethics then almost finish a program in public health, you learn all kinds of things about our health care system and the public generally that most people really don't want to know.  That most people probably shouldn't know.

The vast majority of people out there are perfectly content to live in their tiny bubbles where you flush a toilet and the poo just magically disappears.  Most people don't want to wrap their heads around the idea that most food borne illnesses are spread at home, and that most of those involve....wait for it....poo.

Most people want to believe that our health care system is always well intentioned and motivated by the notion that helping people is paramount to profits.  Most people want to believe that vaccines always work (or the fringe that thinks they are all a crock), that our infant mortality rate doesn't blow, that drug resistance is a lie, that mutations don't happen.

Most people don't want to know that our food supply has been degraded in just about every way imaginable.  That wheat is no longer what wheat used to be.  That an apple today, even grown organically, has less nutritional value than one from 30 years ago.  That hormones and antibiotics come with just about all your meat these days.

Most people don't want to know that there are all kinds of conflicts of interest when you have the USDA deciding what people should eat.  Most people don't want to know that your body can't process refined carbs or processed sugars the way it can process normal carbs and normal sugars. And the companies that invented those food products sure don't want you to know either.

I've been steadily reducing my intake of refined carbs for a while now.  For all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is the looming threat of diabetes in my life.

I mentioned something to my husband about gluten and the fact that wheat, even whole wheat products, are loaded with it...and how eliminating it might be a good idea.   Mentioned an author and a book.  One that you should read.  Honest.

This one.

Mmmmmm bagels.

Sorry.  I know how bad they are for you...but goddammit they are delicious.  Which is part of the problem. Our minds tell us to eat them, because we essentially become addicted to this kind of stuff.

Add that to the list of things you probably didn't want to know either.

Anyhow, I mentioned this to the husband.

Boy, did he take it and run with it.   He's almost done with the book and on a mission.

We're working on phasing gluten out completely.  With the amount of allergies and asthma and skin conditions in our family, we both are in agreement that we have to at least try this.

And dude.....I got him to eat hummus.  With carrots.  Holy crap, people.  He wants to try quinoa again.  He bought gluten free pasta online.

Told you I brainwashed him.

Next thing you know, we'll be moving to a commune and buying Birkenstocks.


  1. I just started my daughter and myself on a gluten free diet on October 1st. My 4 year old has graves disease and is anemic. Graves is very rare for young children. As I researched it, I found a stunning correlation between graves, anemia, and gluten! Now I am obsessed! This is suppose to be a 30 day experiment, but I am pretty sure it will stick. I haven't convinced the husband yet, so for the time being, he and my two boys are still eating it. I will tell you that gluten free bread is gross, but there is a delicious bread line called Canyon Bakehouse (in Colorado). I have just found a store near me in Upstate New York that carries it, yay! The more I read, the more convinced I am that gluten free is the way to be....just wish it didn't cost so much!

    1. I will have to look for that bread...because some of the things we have tried so far are not so good. I think a lot of it is just getting used to not eating bread in general. I'm okay with it...the kids, not so much.

  2. you are so funny. tuesday when i went shopping after yoga i went to their olive bar because i like to eat how Jesus ate; seriously! and i got hummus and stuffed grape leaves and caprese and mozzarella balls in olive oil, etc. and i've felt like a frigging prize fighter. i bought a ton of fruits (mostly organic) and i will say that the "bready" thing i allow in my house are the pita chips, but they're whole wheat which is slightly better than processed. i know: carrots are better than pita chips. one step at a time there girl, because my bod has issues with the carrots and celery (i can't live on it, unfortunately). but i'm buying that book. years ago i subsisted on The Zone Diet and i loved it. now that the kids are older, we will go for it again, but more Jesus-y.

    great post. i love it.

    1. Mediterranean is really the way to go.

  3. And now my wheels are turning...I'll have to give you my book on how all grains...yep...ALL grains, are bad. How rice, flour, quinoa, all of it destroys the gut lining. It's the plant's only defence since we eat the reproductive part of it. I'll get you my almond flour recipes STAT! =D

    1. I was telling Tom about your paleo lasagna too....need that one for sure.

  4. Scary stuff. You forgot to mention pharmaceutics. "Here take this pill we just created and didn't test for extended periods of time for this disease we just made up, but are certain that you have." Yikes.

    1. I know....didn't talk about a lot of stuff. Big pharma deserves it's own post (or book, really). One thing I learned in the MPH program is that you can prove anything you want to/need to in a study, and that just because something is in a study doesn't mean it's valid at all. Drugs are scary...esp considering long term effects and interactions. Shudder.

  5. (Please read with a sexy Scottish accent)

    "You may take my sugar, but you'll never take my gluten!"

    I know it's bad for me. I know it's all been GMOed (<--see how I verbified that <--and that.) But it's just so darn tasty! Fresh french bread with sweet cream unsalted butter is like heaven.

    And now I'm hungry. ;)

    1. Darn you! Now I want bread. Grrr. LOL

  6. Are you running for President? I think you should run for President...and you've even got something thoughtful and intellectual to say. I'd vote for you!


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