Thursday, September 6, 2012


Every so often I laugh at strangers.

It's probably not a good thing, but I can't help myself.

I'm not writing a book on how to make friends and influence people, here.

Nooo, no.  Not at all.

I was at the park a while back with the boy and on the phone with someone else.  Talking about how I needed to start planning meetings and practices.  Probably seeming a little overwhelmed, since that's how I generally operate.

Another mom who had overheard what I was talking about asked me how old little boy is, as he climbed up the rock wall.

Asked me if all those things I was talking about were for him.

No, I said.  Not just him.  There are others.

This mom, clearly freaking out watching my fearless child climbing on whatever he could, asked this:

How many others?

Three.  Four total.

Wow, she said.  I'm not sure when having four kids became something so awe inspiring, but it did.

Then she asked their ages and genders, clarified that I was talking about all their activities.

I gave her the quick summary.  In any given week, we have 6 soccer practices, 3 games (one team I am coaching), boy scouts (for which my husband is a leader), two girls scout groups (one of which I run), and my youngest daughter just started First Communion classes.  In my infinite wisdom and abundant free time, I am homeschooling those lessons.  Then there are the instrument lessons for the oldest, and impending middle school sports schedules.  Plus play dates and preschool and volunteering at school whenever it fits in.  I didn't even mention this blog (or the other ones) or my Facebook page admin duties.  (Mostly because I was already planning to write about her).

Her chin hit the floor sometime about halfway through the list.

She asked me what everyone asks me.


  1. I have five kids and I get the same mouth open jaw on the ground look. My am (like you) rushing between baseball fields, basketball courts (all which seem to occur at same time, same days, but spread out all over our town). We all have our secrets on how we do it but at end of the day we get used to it. And I too wrote about a baseball mom I met for the first time last Saturday. She did not make my list to ever know about my blog haha. Love the post!

    1. Seriously, why is it always same times and days, but opposite ends of town??? I have to figure out how to be in three places at once this afternoon, but I'll do it. I just will. Sometimes I'm not sure how....but then, you've got more kids than I do and I know you completely understand!

  2. Kelly, you homeschool? We homeschool. :) I may not have the same number of kids as you but life is busy. Do I complain? Well, maybe a little, but mostly I remember I had a choice and this is what I chose. And sometimes I choose to say NO and spend the day in bed (or on some electronic device ;)).

    1. I only homeschool the religious ed stuff, they go to school otherwise. I love my kids, and I want them to live. ;)

      I admire those who do it.

      Absolutely on the whole choice thing. Absolutely.

  3. In order to drink the coffee you have to get out of bed first... I need an IV drip please.


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