Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey, Bic...I've got some news for you

In the category of stupidest marketing schemes ever, we have a few new contenders....and one that still boggles my mind.

Way to go, Dr. Pepper.  Seriously.  I would have thought that after this whole ad campaign garnered them a ton of negative press last year that they would have re-thought it.  I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff, but I can virtually guarantee you that the vast majority of the diet soda market is composed by, wait for it, women.

We are the ones barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, after all.  And, at least in the minds of the geniuses at Dr. Pepper, our simple little female minds (and wallets) wouldn't ever be offended by commercials that tell us we're not good enough to drink their soda.

They air these asinine commercials during football games for the most part.  I watch football, and I know more women who also watch it than don't.  The idea of the football widow doesn't really exist in my world, she became extinct sometime around the day when we stopped wearing tailored dresses and pearls to vacuum.

Instead of welcoming the half of the population that actually does the freaking grocery shopping, they've decided that pissing us off is a better approach.

Good job.

I've never quite understood the need to target men or women specifically when it comes to things that we both use with regularity.  I mean, I can get behind the notion that there's no need to sell tampons to guys, but I'm pretty sure we all use razors.

Except for the guys who like to look like yetis and the women who claim to be European.

If it removes hair without completely jacking up my skin, I'm good.  I don't care what color the handle is.  You aren't going to get me to pay more by trying to sell the idea that this pretty pink razor will make my showers orgasmically wonderful.  Honest.

Which is why my husband and I buy all our razors from the intelligent, economical and funny as hell people at Dollar Shave Club.  If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out.

Then, a week or so ago, these came out.

Apparently I have spent my entire life mistakenly using manly pens. For shame.

For shame.

Here's the thing, Bic....even with my ovaries and boobs, my favorite color is green. Blue is a close runner up.  I'm not going to buy a pink pen because you think I need it.  I'm good.

Pretty sure ballpoint pens aren't something that need to be gender specific.


  1. I don't get gender specific advertising either. And I'd prefer honest ads like "soda is bad for you, but it taste good so buy it."

    The Mouthy Housewives had a hilarious post about other uses for those Bic Pens. It's worth checking out if you haven't read it yet.

    1. Exactly! Have to check out that post. :)


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